Zoey Shopmaker

Zoey Shopmaker is a novelist, music and culture journalist, DJ, producer, rapper and co-founder of the UN/TUCK Queer/Trans Music Collective based in Kansas City. Find her on Instagram @sister_zo for silly memes, unwarranted astrological advice and information on upcoming events.

Articles by Zoey Shopmaker

Zoey's Top KC Albums of the Decade

Posted on July 25 2019 by Zoey Shopmaker

In making this list, my hope was to shine a light on some of my favorite works to come out of the Kansas City underground, whether from KC-born artists or artists who called KC home for a short time. The point is, they’ve impacted and transformed the loca... [Read More]

The Best of Both Worlds

Posted on June 27 2019 by Zoey Shopmaker

Mazzy Mann dons newest persona for upcoming EP, ‘HANNAH MONTANA’ “When you're famous it can be kinda fun It's really you but no one ever discovers In some ways you're just like all your friends But on stage you're a star You... [Read More]

Dancing In Silence

Posted on May 9 2019 by Zoey Shopmaker

Silent Discos Come to Kansas City with the help of Ryan Summers This past Sunday, Hy-Tekk Productions hosted the KC Dog Fest at Bar K Dog Bar on the Riverfront. Among the festivities was a silent disco, run by Ryan Summers — DJ My Pet Monster and found... [Read More]

Flipping the Lid

Posted on April 24 2019 by Zoey Shopmaker

Local event series spotlighting overlooked talents in the KC jazz scene Kansas City may be synonymous with jazz, but when it comes to those more eccentric compositions — the intricate and the avant-garde — a lot of music falls through the cracks. Fortu... [Read More]

Digging the Crates

Posted on April 10 2019 by Zoey Shopmaker

Celebrating Record Store Day with Josey Records This Saturday, April 13, record stores across the globe open their doors for the 10th annual Record Store Day, an inaugural event celebrating the culture of independent record shops in America and abroad.... [Read More]

Long Live The Underground

Posted on March 26 2019 by Zoey Shopmaker

The Closing and Future of Niche KC No weddings were held last Saturday at the Uptown Arts Bar, but it did rain. And one must take that as a positive omen, considering the circumstances. The bar would open its doors at 6 p.m. Patrons would filter in as... [Read More]

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