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As 90.9 The Bridge's Content and Database Manager, Michelle Bacon is dedicated to spotlighting Kansas City music through diverse online content and on-air programming. Michelle is also deeply involved in the city's evolving music scene as a multi-instrumentalist and an independent consultant for local acts.

Check out Turning the Tables KC, Michelle's web series on KC women in music.

Articles by Michelle Bacon

Making Movies – 'Delilah Live At Knuckleheads' Exclusive Video Premiere

Posted on November 7 2019 by Michelle Bacon

Beginning with their magnificently riotous rendition of the Talking Heads’ 1980 album, “Remain In Light” on New Year’s 2019, Making Movies hit the ground running. Weeks later, they dropped “No Te Calles,” their first single with prolific Panamanian singer... [Read More]

Everyday It's A Gettin' Closer

Posted on October 23 2019 by Michelle Bacon

Roy Orbison and Buddy Holly Holograms Materialize in Kansas City The time for unsettling apparitions has come — it is Halloween season, after all. But the phantasms that took the Arvest Bank Theatre at the Midland stage on Monday night were perhaps the... [Read More]

The UK's – 'Motor City Blackout' Exclusive Video Premiere

Posted on October 18 2019 by Michelle Bacon

Returning with the lead single from their upcoming EP, “Basement Mondays,” are the indomitable rockers of The UKs.  The single, “Motor City Blackout,” builds with a chugging guitar riff — a triumphant callback to the group’s classic rock influences and... [Read More]

Claire Adams – 'Better Luck' Exclusive Video Premiere

Posted on September 20 2019 by Michelle Bacon

Claire Adams has been writing songs her entire life. “I wrote my first poem when I was around 4,” she said. After picking up guitar as a teenager, then studying and gaining experience as a musician/performer/songwriter in Nashville, Adams returned t... [Read More]

Kat King – ‘Song From Spain’ Exclusive Video Premiere

Posted on September 13 2019 by Michelle Bacon

As the first hints of autumn begin to emerge, so do the melancholy sounds of the season, magnified here by the sublime lilt of singer-songwriter Kat King. Though “Song From Spain” was released in February, King has been hard at work on the video for ne... [Read More]

Nicole Springer – ‘I’ll Never Be A Bitter Woman’ Exclusive Video Premiere

Posted on September 3 2019 by Michelle Bacon

Nicole Springer has long approached her songwriting as a path to personal growth and healing.  It’s a quality that resonates with local fans just as much as her prominent vocals. Having spent her youth singing in gospel choirs and musicals, Springer un... [Read More]

Weekend Roundup: Take Me Back To Electric Park

Posted on August 16 2019 by Michelle Bacon

  One of the area’s most successful acts, Making Movies has also become one of the region’s biggest advocates for immigrant rights. With support from Maria the Mexican and Mr. and Mrs. Dodge, they’ll be performing an I Heart Local Music fundrai... [Read More]

Best of the Decade Wrap

Posted on August 12 2019 by Michelle Bacon

In July, we invited local music aficionados to share a few of their recommendations for Best KC Albums of the Decade. On Eight One Sixty, Chris Haghirian chatted with bloggers, radio personalities and promoters about their choices, and at bridge909.org, o... [Read More]

Bacon's Best of the Decade

Posted on August 1 2019 by Michelle Bacon

Just about a decade ago, I dove into the music world as a musician and album reviewer — my first time really being exposed to what was happening in Kansas City’s indie music scenes, and discovering my own creative fascinations. Since then, I’ve been in... [Read More]

Weekend Roundup: High Hopes

Posted on July 12 2019 by Michelle Bacon

  Hailing from Warrensburg, Molly Gene has enjoyed a thriving solo career as a razor-sharp slide-guitar and foot-stompin’ act that she has dubbed the One Whoaman Band. Her revitalizing, self-described Delta thrash sound has taken her across the... [Read More]


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