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Michael Atchison writes about music for The Bridge. He is the host of Revival on The Bridge and the author of three books, including the novel “Mellow Submarine,” which Publishers Weekly calls “a fast-paced delight."

Revival with Michael Atchison is on from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. every Sunday.

Articles by Michael Atchison

Episode 158 – The One with Prince and the Plimsouls

Posted on May 9 2021 by Michael Atchison

This week’s show features three American roots-rock tracks, some of the finest songwriters of the new-wave era, and an audacious debut from a 19-year-old artist. We also hear a classic country song performed by the artist who wrote it, and a soul supergro... [Read More]

Episode 157 – Five By Three

Posted on May 2 2021 by Michael Atchison

This week’s show features three takes on a jazz classic, a trio of British Invasion giants with songs from 1965, and a track from one of the most famous sessions of all time. We also hear songs by and about Ray Charles, and a band that had many charting s... [Read More]

Episode 156 – Lonely Weekends & Downtown Nights

Posted on April 25 2021 by Michael Atchison

This week’s show features three pop hits of the new-wave era, two Jamaican rock steady tracks that were later famously covered, and a song that only sounds like it’s from Elvis Presley. We also hear one of the most sampled tracks of all-time and a solo pi... [Read More]

Episode 155 – Missing in the Modern World

Posted on April 18 2021 by Michael Atchison

This week’s show features three songs from the country music fringe, two American indie bands with a shared history, and a gem from the late stages of Joni Mitchell’s career. We also hear ska from England, reggae from Jamaica, and soul straight from Memph... [Read More]

Episode 154 – Driftin' and Hummin'

Posted on April 11 2021 by Michael Atchison

This week's episode of Revival features guitar pop from three continents, classic jazz from two giants, and a track from Suzanne Vega’s debut. We also hear one from the last Roxy Music album to feature Brian Eno, plus another from a band that is the subje... [Read More]

Episode 153 – A Flock of Monkees

Posted on April 4 2021 by Michael Atchison

This week’s show features a set of new wave treasures, two of the finest songwriters from the 1960s, and a reggae version of a soul classic. We also spin a rarity from Bruce Springsteen and a masterpiece from Sinead O’Connor. All that, plus Blondie, The B... [Read More]

Episode 152 – Spring Funding Drive: Come On, Get Happy

Posted on March 28 2021 by Michael Atchison

We’re in our Spring Funding Drive, but the music doesn’t stop. This week’s show features vintage new wave from Devo and The Stranglers, early alt-country from Lucinda Williams and Lone Justice, and classic Motown tracks from The Temptations and The Miracl... [Read More]

Episode 151 – Thick As Thieves in the Temple

Posted on March 21 2021 by Michael Atchison

This week’s show features three disciples of The Beatles, two legends of Brazilian tropicalia music, and a jazz artist who changed with the times and got funky. We also hear some classic alt-country, and the story of how a successful Seventies band accide... [Read More]

Episode 150 – Looking for the Magic

Posted on March 14 2021 by Michael Atchison

This week’s show features a great American band and one of its side projects, an R&B classic and its answer song, and two brilliant British folk artists. We also spin one from Big Star’s debut album, plus solo tracks from the band’s two principal songwrit... [Read More]

Episode 149 – International Women's Day

Posted on March 7 2021 by Michael Atchison

March is Women’s History Month, and we celebrate this week with an array of artists, including pioneers of punk rock and hip hop, riot grrrls and country queens, and a trio of underappreciated soul singers. We also hear giants of jazz and legendary singer... [Read More]


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