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Michael Atchison writes about music for The Bridge. He is the host of Revival on The Bridge and the author of three books, including the novel “Mellow Submarine,” which Publishers Weekly calls “a fast-paced delight."

Revival with Michael Atchison is on from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. every Sunday.

Articles by Michael Atchison

Episode 125 – Waiting For The Great Leap Forward

Posted on September 13 2020 by Michael Atchison

This week’s show features classic country from Loretta Lynn, vintage R&B from Gladys Knight, and first generation punk from the Buzzcocks. We also spin one from a landmark Radiohead album that’s about to celebrate its 20th anniversary, and we dip a toe in... [Read More]

Episode 124 – Classic Album Streaks

Posted on September 6 2020 by Michael Atchison

It’s a Block Party Weekend on The Bridge, and Revival joins in the fun with some of the best four-, five- and even six-album runs in music history from classic artists at their peaks. We hear how David Bowie, Talking Heads, Stevie Wonder, Joni Mitchell, E... [Read More]

Episode 123 – Van Morrison Turns 75

Posted on August 30 2020 by Michael Atchison

This week’s show features three second-wave American power-pop artists, two Leons and a Leonard, and the dirty minds of Prince and Marvin Gaye. We also celebrate Van Morrison’s 75th birthday with two of his long songs that you rarely hear on the radio. Al... [Read More]

Into the Grooves: A (Not So) Brief History of KC Record Stores

Posted on August 28 2020 by Michael Atchison

Records already rebounded from a near-death experience, but can they survive a pandemic? The assignment came in January. Conceived as a Kansas City-centric primer for Record Store Day, it was pitched as little more than a declarative statement: “Vinyl... [Read More]

Episode 122 – Revival Comes Alive

Posted on August 23 2020 by Michael Atchison

The Bridge turns 19 years old this week, and we celebrate on Revival with a virtual concert featuring tracks from some of our favorite artists, including Sam Cooke and two of his acolytes, a set from Paul McCartney, and songs from different phases of Bruc... [Read More]

Episode 121 – 816 Day

Posted on August 16 2020 by Michael Atchison

Today — Sunday, Aug. 16 — is 816 Day, and we celebrate on Revival with artists from Kansas City and throughout the region, from St. Louis to central Kansas. And it’s not just Charlie Parker and The Rainmakers. We also prove that if you try hard enough, yo... [Read More]

Episode 120 – Remembering Peter Green and Annie Ross

Posted on August 8 2020 by Michael Atchison

This week’s show features remembrances of two towering musicians — the great jazz singer Annie Ross and Fleetwood Mac founder Peter Green. We also hear some alternative rock from the late 1980s and early '90s, a trio of tracks from Motown’s mid-'6... [Read More]

Episode 119 – Remembering Emitt Rhodes

Posted on August 2 2020 by Michael Atchison

This week’s show features a pair of British bands that were huge at home but not in the States, three American roots rockers, and an obscure soul track that was sampled by a major hip-hop act. We also heard a band – and a man – called Blondie, and we reme... [Read More]

Episode 118 – Captain Marvel and the Crosseyed Cat

Posted on July 26 2020 by Michael Atchison

This week’s show features some alt-country from the 1990s, power pop from the late '70s, and a pair of bands that grew out of Miles Davis’s jazz fusion groups and became big stars. We also hear solo tracks from Robert Plant and Aimee Mann, plus a song... [Read More]

Episode 117 – Murder, He Wrote

Posted on July 19 2020 by Michael Atchison

On this week's show, we dive deep into the mind of Bob Dylan with 13 tracks referenced in his new song, “A Murder Most Foul.” We also hear a trio of tunes written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, plus a Modern English song that isn’t “I Melt With You”... [Read More]


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