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Michael Atchison writes about music for The Bridge. He is the host of Revival on The Bridge and the author of three books, including the novel “Mellow Submarine,” which Publishers Weekly calls “a fast-paced delight."

Revival with Michael Atchison is on from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. every Sunday.

Articles by Michael Atchison

Episode 102 – Quarantine Dance Party

Posted on April 5 2020 by Michael Atchison

With all of Kansas City stuck at home, we’re having a quarantine dance party on this week’s show — with three variations on the twist, a trio of tunes from the heart of the jungle and a pair of classics from the Jackson family. We also experience some Sun... [Read More]

Episode 101 – Women's History Month

Posted on March 29 2020 by Michael Atchison

March is Women’s History Month, and we mark the occasion with two full hours of music made by pioneering female artists. We hear three queens of country music, a trio of rock bands composed entirely of women, and some classic interpreters of the Great Ame... [Read More]

Episode 100 – Revival's 100th Episode

Posted on March 22 2020 by Michael Atchison

This week marks the 100th episode of the show, and we celebrate with some of our most played artists plus many we’ve never played before. We hear a set of mid-'60s psych rock, a trio of guilty pleasures, and the work of an oddball genius who infiltrat... [Read More]

Episode 99 – Me, Myself and Mystery Train

Posted on March 15 2020 by Michael Atchison

This week’s show features a classic song written by an artist who grew up in Kansas City, plus one from Elvis Costello’s album “Get Happy!!”, which recently celebrated its 40th anniversary. We also hear funky tracks by The Gap Band and The Beastie Boys, e... [Read More]

Episode 98 – Spotlight on Stevie Wonder's 'Where I'm Coming From'

Posted on March 8 2020 by Michael Atchison

This week’s show features a set of classic country songs, a trio of American power pop bands, and some grungy sounds from the 1990s. We also shine the spotlight on a rarely discussed but hugely important album that marked a transition in the career of one... [Read More]

Episode 97 – Alphabet Soup: INXS, AC/DC & the dB's

Posted on March 1 2020 by Michael Atchison

This week’s show features indie pop from the dB’s and Close Lobsters, classic rock from Neil Young and Lou Reed, and funky soul from The O’Jays and Funkadelic. We also make the connection between three vintage Australian bands, and we remember Andy Gill,... [Read More]

Episode 96 – Mardi Gras and More

Posted on February 23 2020 by Michael Atchison

This week’s show features a trio of bands from the first wave of U.K. punk, a classic from the heyday of KC jazz, and a track that holds a unique place in Wilco’s catalog. We also prepare for Fat Tuesday with songs by three of the most beloved artists fro... [Read More]

Episode 95 – Cyprus Avenue and Grace, Too

Posted on February 9 2020 by Michael Atchison

This week’s show features some vintage Memphis soul, a trio of Beatlesque tunes, and the 20th anniversary of D’Angelo’s classic album “Voodoo.” We also remember Bill Shapiro, the longtime host of “Cyprus Avenue” on KCUR 89.3, and we play one from The Rain... [Read More]

Episode 94 – Just One Victory

Posted on February 2 2020 by Michael Atchison

On the day that the Chiefs play for the title, Revival kicks off your pre-game festivities with two hours of songs carefully chosen for the occasion, from a track called “Patrick” to a band called Travis and a set of singles that made up the Billboard top... [Read More]

Episode 93 – Remembering Neil Peart & Neil Innes

Posted on January 26 2020 by Michael Atchison

On this week’s show, we remember two distinctly different talents – English songwriter and comedian Neil Innes, and Neil Peart, the longtime drummer and lyricist for Rush. We also hear Chrissie Hynde sing lead and sing harmony, while Ry Cooder fronts his... [Read More]


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