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Dan Calderon is a contributor to Flatland and 90.9 The Bridge, where he writes the bi-weekly music column, “Sympathetic Vibrations,” examining local and national music. Dan has been a lifelong resident of the Kansas City area and splits his time as an attorney and a DJ when he is not writing for Flatland/The Bridge.

Articles by Dan Calderon

Sympathetic Vibrations: Unhindered

Posted on August 16 2019 by Dan Calderon

The Bridge talks with our own Zoey Shopmaker, co-founder of UN/TUCK, about Saturday’s Trans/Portal Summer Concert and her work with the collective If you are a cisgender Kansas Citian and you’ve spent any recent evening out and about, you’ve been the u... [Read More]

Sympathetic Vibrations: Dan's Favorite Albums of the '10s

Posted on July 18 2019 by Dan Calderon

Putting together a list of my favorite albums of the ‘10s proved to be a much more painstaking task than I had originally anticipated. How does one even begin to narrow down such an impressive and varied group of releases? Do I choose based off the succes... [Read More]

Sympathetic Vibrations: This Is Addie

Posted on June 13 2019 by Dan Calderon

The Bridge talks with The Greeting Committee’s lead singer ahead of the band’s tour-ending slot at Boulevardia Bright futures can be hard to come by in the music industry, but the local music scene has had the privilege of watching The Greeting Committ... [Read More]

Sympathetic Vibrations: Smart Beats

Posted on May 30 2019 by Dan Calderon

Plaza Academy’s Beat Academy set to celebrate the release of its first album with raucous party Plaza Academy is a little off the beaten path of traditional education. And that is one of its many strengths. But finding the beat is an integral part of o... [Read More]

Sympathetic Vibrations: A Better Future’s Past

Posted on May 16 2019 by Dan Calderon

Making Movies’ time-traveling new mixtape album seeks to give immigrant cultures a hopeful vision for tomorrow With their latest album, “Ameri’kana,” local indie rockers Making Movies are inviting fans to time travel to a version of the future where th... [Read More]

Sympathetic Vibrations: Hembree's Next Chapter

Posted on May 2 2019 by Dan Calderon

Local indie dance-rockers release stunning, high energy debut Growing up is tough.  And aside from our adolescent years, there probably isn’t a time where we feel more awkward, unstable and filled with self-doubt than our mid-20s. It’s a period of p... [Read More]

Sympathetic Vibrations: Spaces | Miller's Rural Escape

Posted on April 18 2019 by Dan Calderon

Local artist J. Ashley Miller shows us his rural home recording studio It’s a beautiful spring day as I drive toward the home of J. Ashley Miller — local musician, engineer, producer and creative force behind local acts like The Golden Calves, Meta... [Read More]

Sympathetic Vibrations: Excuses to Commit

Posted on April 4 2019 by Dan Calderon

Lawrence, Kansas synth pop duo set to release gritty debut EP In art, technology often conjures up feelings of anxiety and despair. And that’s likely because our  growing reliance upon tech seems to signal human beings’ ever-increasing surrender of ide... [Read More]

Sympathetic Vibrations: Mess' Clean Start

Posted on March 21 2019 by Dan Calderon

Local indie rockers set to release heady, concept-driven debut LP If you listen to “Learning How to Talk,” the debut full-length from local indie group Mess, you’ll find a gorgeous and haunting exploration of trauma, self-doubt and heartbreak. And that... [Read More]

Sympathetic Vibrations: Lifting Them Up

Posted on March 7 2019 by Dan Calderon

The American Jazz Museum's Women in Jazz series aims to celebrate history and inspire the next generation If you stroll about the permanent exhibits at the American Jazz Museum in 18th & Vine, you’ll find a room celebrating the four “jazz masters”... [Read More]


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