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Kansas City kid; loves music, football (both kinds), dogs, KU, his family and pizza (not in that order...?)

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Articles by Bryan Truta

A Conversation with They Call Me Sauce

Posted on March 5 2021 by Bryan Truta

This morning we got the chance to catch up with They Call Me Sauce, a Kansas City-based rapper and producer. We got insight into what a working musician has had to do to support themselves during the pandemic, and Sauce unveiled his new partnership with g... [Read More]

Give Back Friday | Angela Waring, AR Workshop

Posted on March 5 2021 by Bryan Truta

Through-out March, as 90.9 the Bridge observes Women's History Month, we will be highlighting women-owned and powered businesses from around KC. Today we talk with Angela Waring of AR Workshop in Lee's Summit: [Read More]

Tim Finn Thursday | Live Music Returns?, Save Our Stages Update, Sounds of Merseyside

Posted on March 4 2021 by Bryan Truta

There's a beautiful Thursday ahead of us, which only makes the yearning for live performance grow that much more. As Tim Finn joins me for our normal end of week chat, we compare notes on what we've heard from major promoters as to when there could be a r... [Read More]

Nick Haines | Nick's Picks 3/1/2021

Posted on March 1 2021 by Bryan Truta

Vaccination progress, energy prices, and a day of avoiding your electronic devices, Nick Haines covers it all in today's Nick's Picks: [Read More]

Golden Globes 2021 Preview with John McGrath

Posted on February 26 2021 by Bryan Truta

The Golden Globes will air this Sunday on NBC, hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Our resident film expert and host of Art House on Flatland KC, John McGrath, joined me to preview a pandemic awards show, handicap the frontrunners, and fill us in on the K... [Read More]

Give Back Friday | Tim McCoy, Yoodle

Posted on February 26 2021 by Bryan Truta

As February comes to a close, we highlight the last Black-owned business of the month, talking with Tim McCoy, the President and Creative Director of Yoodle. Find out more about Yoodle's branding and storytelling abilities, and the way they pivoted during... [Read More]

Tim Finn Thursday | Save Our Stages Update, Jazz One Year Later, George Harrison Birthday

Posted on February 25 2021 by Bryan Truta

As we near the one year mark that we have spent battling the coronavirus, we get an update from Tim about our music and performance venues, and whether they've been able to actually tap the funds necessary to stay afloat. On a similar note, Tim points to... [Read More]

Nick Haines | Nick's Picks 02/22/2021

Posted on February 22 2021 by Bryan Truta

Nick's TV show is off this week due to pledge week, but Nick was kind enough to drop by and tell us about some big stories. To name a few, the Midwest digs out of the snow and cold weather with an amazing early week forecast, could the annual Auto Show mo... [Read More]

Tim Finn Thursday | Livestreams, Rock Docs

Posted on February 22 2021 by Bryan Truta

This morning Tim reviews the live streamed Concert for Tibet, previews the potential summer lineup for some of our outdoor venues, and tells us about a documentary called Alive Inside:Play00:00…Volume [Read More]

Nick Haines | Nick's Picks 02/15/2021

Posted on February 16 2021 by Bryan Truta

Facing brutally cold temperatures, rolling blackouts, and the afterglow of Valentine's Day, Nick Haines steps up and delivers the Presidents' Day edition of Nick's Picks: Nick's Picks is also available in written form HERE from... [Read More]


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