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Kansas City kid; loves music, football (both kinds), dogs, KU, his family and pizza (not in that order...?)

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Articles by Bryan Truta

Nick Haines | Nick's Picks 07/13/2020

Posted on July 13 2020 by Bryan Truta

Extended mask orders, changes with professional sports nicknames, and a summer of violence in Kansas City. Nick Haines discusses the top stories in our world during this week's Nick's Picks: [Read More]

Jill Silva | Dining Outdoors During the Pandemic

Posted on July 10 2020 by Bryan Truta

Most likely you've seen a transformation in your favorite restaurant during the pandemic. Health experts have said that being indoors can pose risks to diners, so many eating establishments have quickly moved to build outdoor spaces to accomodate patr... [Read More]

Tim Finn Thursday | Trojan Records Doc, Lemonade Park, Livestreams

Posted on July 9 2020 by Bryan Truta

On today's segment, Tim recommends a documentary about Trojan Records, the British record label that brought ska and reggae sounds to the island in the late 60s. We also discuss some upcoming livestreams and socially distant concerts continue througho... [Read More]

Nick Haines | Nick's Picks 6/29/2020

Posted on June 29 2020 by Bryan Truta

Face masks become a requirement today in KCMO, tomorrow in Wyandotte County; how are you going to celebrate American's independence this weekend during the 4th of July holiday? Nick Haines poses those questions and more in today's version of Nick&... [Read More]

Tim Finn Thursday | New Neil Young Album / MerleJam / Sunset Music Fest

Posted on June 25 2020 by Bryan Truta

Tim Finn was back this morning to sing the praises of the new Neil Young album, Homegrown. Released 46 years after its recording, Finn says the album captures the spirit of the Laurel Canyon sound from that time and offers the missing link in Young's... [Read More]

Vicky Diaz-Camacho / Ieshia Downton | The Filter Podcast "Be Free"

Posted on June 25 2020 by Bryan Truta

Vicky Diaz-Camacho and Ieshia Downton host The Filter podcast, which focuses on the untold stories in Kansas City. In Episode 5: Be Free, Vicky and Ieshia explore Juneteenth - how did it come about? Why is not a national holiday? And how does Juneteenth f... [Read More]

Tim Finn Thursday | New Dylan Album, Knuckleheads Annviersary

Posted on June 18 2020 by Bryan Truta

This morning Tim and Truta talked about the acclaimed new album from Bob Dylan, Knuckleheads 20th anniversary, and the Lyle Lovett livestream: [Read More]

Vicky Diaz-Camacho | Curious KC: Voting In The Pandemic

Posted on June 16 2020 by Bryan Truta

Vicky Diaz-Camacho from stopped by this morning to talk about her new Curious KC story about voting in the time of the pandemic. For those wanting mail-in ballots, there are different rules governing either side of the state line. Vicky run... [Read More]

Nick Haines | Nick's Picks 06/15/2020

Posted on June 15 2020 by Bryan Truta

Nick Haines is back with a look at the week ahead. Spoiler alert, we discuss: reopening the economy, Juneteenth, Father's Day, and more! [Read More]

Nick Haines | Nick's Picks 06/08/2020

Posted on June 8 2020 by Bryan Truta

We know it's Monday when Nick Haines of Week In Review joins us to talk about the stories of the week ahead. Today Nick talks about the evolution of the metro's protests after the killing of George Floyd, proposed changes for the KC Police Departm... [Read More]


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