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Kansas City kid; loves music, football (both kinds), dogs, KU, his family and pizza (not in that order...?)

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Articles by Bryan Truta

Bridge Exclusive Interview with Satya

Posted on June 19 2021 by Bryan Truta

Singer-songwriter Satya joins Bryan Truta via Zoom to chat about her latest single, “Summertime,” the musical heritage of New Orleans, growing up in an artistic family and the vulnerability of songwriting. [Read More]

Give Black KC: Tammy Buckner, WeCodeKC

Posted on June 15 2021 by Bryan Truta

In our continuing series about Give Black KC, a fundraiser looking to raise $80,000 by Juneteenth for eight Black-owned or Black-led businesses and nonprofits in KC, we talk with Tammy Buckner, CEO at WeCodeKC:Play00:00…Volume [Read More]

Nick Haines | Nick's Picks 6/14/2021

Posted on June 14 2021 by Bryan Truta

Today's Nick's Picks touches on the opening of the Auschwitz exhibit at Union Station, the continued discussion around changing the funding model of the Kansas City Police Department, all while addressing the problem of increased violence in KC: [Read More]

Make Music Day 2021 | Heidi Markle, KCMO Parks and Rec

Posted on June 14 2021 by Bryan Truta

Make Music Day is coming up next Monday, June 21st. Today, in the first of a series we'll be airing all week long at 9:45a on the morning show, we talk with Heidi Markle from Kansas City Parks and Recreation Dept, and organizer of KC's Make Music Day init... [Read More]

Give Black KC: Brandon Calloway

Posted on June 14 2021 by Bryan Truta

Give Black KC is a fundraiser started by Brandon Calloway of Kansas City GIFT (Generating Income For Tomorrow). Brandon gathered 8 Black-owned or Black-led businesses and non-profits in Kansas City with the goal of raising $80,000 by Juneteenth (Sat., Jun... [Read More]

Give Back Friday | Nikole Ammer, City Market Coffee Roasters

Posted on June 11 2021 by Bryan Truta

Today's Give Back Friday shines a light on City Market Coffee Roasters, thanks to owner and Master Roaster Nikole Ammer:Play00:00…VolumePlay00:00…Volume [Read More]

Tim Finn Thursday | Too Many Concerts? New Artist Discovery. Music Memories.

Posted on June 10 2021 by Bryan Truta

Today on Tim Finn Thursday powered by Made In KC… we talk about the glut of new concert announcements. When is enough enough? For those trying to power through the live concert season, you may have met your match in the month of August. Tim discovered a n... [Read More]

Nick Haines | Nick's Picks 6/7/2021

Posted on June 7 2021 by Bryan Truta

After a week's hiatus Nick Haines is back with the latest on vaccinations, Missouri legislative activities, a push by Mayor Lucas and KC City Council to reshape police funding, and Pride Month. LISTEN: [Read More]

Tim Finn Thursday | Radkey, Music from TV, Tulsa Race Massacre

Posted on June 3 2021 by Bryan Truta

Today Tim chats with me about the rise of Radkey, and the much deserved attention given to that band this year. We discuss music from TV shows and how many Bridge artists end up in prestige programs. Finally, we marked 100 years since the Tulsa Race Massa... [Read More]

Bridge Exclusive: Bartees Strange Interview

Posted on June 1 2021 by Bryan Truta

Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Bartees Strange joins Bryan Truta via Zoom for an exclusive Bridge interview! The Washington, D.C. breakout artist chats about his latest album, “Live Forever,” plus his musical upbringing, growing up as a Bl... [Read More]


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