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Kansas City kid; loves music, football (both kinds), dogs, KU, his family and pizza (not in that order...?)

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11/07/2018: On This Daylist, World Premiere Music

Posted on November 7 2018 by Bryan Truta

Today on the show we premiered brand new Local 909 from Rachel Mallin and the Wild Type, "It Isn't Love". The single will be out to the world this Friday, November 9th. In the "On This Daylist" - which I do every morning at 7:05a - I looked back on... [Read More]

11/08/2018: Fame!, Sports Talk with Adam Wright

Posted on November 8 2018 by Bryan Truta

The "On This Daylist" was fun today - it's my dad's birthday! Happy bday, Pops! Today's list paid tribute to David Bowie's first American TV appearance -- on the Cher variety show on CBS, if you're playing at home. We also said happ... [Read More]

Pets and Vets; Give Back Friday; SNOW!

Posted on November 12 2018 by Bryan Truta

A few bits of housecleaning here today... PETS AND VETS DAY First, let's step back to this past Friday when we celebrated Pets and Vets Day here on The Bridge. Thanks to all who came by Bar-K Dog Bar in Berkely Riverfront Park. We saw some furry... [Read More]

11/13/2018: Stan Lee, Elite Comics, On This Daylist

Posted on November 13 2018 by Bryan Truta

STAN LEE Yesterday we learned the sad news that Marvel Comics character creater, editor, and face of the comics Stan Lee passed away at age 95. Lee was co-creator of Spider Man and thousands of other characters in the Marvel Universe. To get a sense of... [Read More]

11/14/2018: Queen, Run-DMC, Green Book

Posted on November 14 2018 by Bryan Truta

I consider it a blessing when anyone reaches out to the show. For a person to disrupt their normal (busy) routine to call or text shows a dedication to this station, or a violent reaction to something I said or did. An oasis in the midst of the normal com... [Read More]

11/15/2018: Chiefs-Rams Game; Patrick Mahomes Does What?; John Prine Tix

Posted on November 15 2018 by Bryan Truta

CHIEFS NEWS This morning our sports guy, Adam Wright, paid us a visit to wrap-up a ho-hum Cardinals/Chiefs game and preview what some are calling the Super Bowl: Chiefs vs. Rams on Monday Night Football. There has been some controversy as the game was... [Read More]

11/16/2018: Give Back Friday; Weekend Possibilities

Posted on November 16 2018 by Bryan Truta

GIVE BACK FRIDAY This morning Truta talked with Haley and Tony from Saving Sight about Eye Donation Month (happening right now in November) and Giving Tuesday. Hear the conversation below: WEEKEND POSSIBILITIES Jonathan Bender from Flatla... [Read More]

11/20/2018: Amazing Chiefs Game; Ticket Tuesday

Posted on November 20 2018 by Bryan Truta

CHIEFS-RAMS Due to the short holiday week our sports guy Adam Wright came by this morning to talk pigskin, which happened to come right after the greatest NFL game OF ALL TIME. The Chiefs-Rams contest was everything we hoped it would be: flashy offense... [Read More]

11/26/2018: Snow Day!

Posted on November 26 2018 by Bryan Truta

As Kansas City was enjoying a snow day, I was here making sure all of the accidents went reported and you had a great drive to work. Hey, that's what I do! James called me from atop one of the big city of Gladstone snow shovel trucks, happily liste... [Read More]

11/27/2018: Giving Tuesday; Ticket Tuesday

Posted on November 27 2018 by Bryan Truta

GIVING TUESDAY You will be bombarded today by friends pushing various charities and non-profits looking for donations. All of us here at 90.9 the Bridge hope you will think of us on this day. Your generosity and your gifts will help us kick off 2019 on... [Read More]


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