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Aaron Rhodes is a music journalist based in Kansas City, Missouri. He is the editor-in-chief of Shuttlecock Music Magazine and a frequent contributor to 90.9 The Bridge and The Pitch.

Articles by Aaron Rhodes

Maybe the 'Problem' Is Balance

Posted on May 17 2019 by Aaron Rhodes

The Get Up Kids release first new LP in eight years and set out on a world tour “Almost 20 years listening to this Perfect Album...” reads one YouTube comment on The Get Up Kids’ “Something To Write Home About” full album video. The Kansas City emo ban... [Read More]

The Tonganoxie 'Oh My God' Experience

Posted on May 6 2019 by Aaron Rhodes

Deciphering Kevin Morby’s secular gospel and sonic pop art with a stomach full of Casey’s pizza Spend a minute scrolling through the Instagram feed of your average millennial. Before that minute is up, you will likely have come across a post or two ped... [Read More]

Stripes Earned

Posted on April 2 2019 by Aaron Rhodes

A Brief Introduction to Eclectic Lawrence Hip-Hop Collective Vivid Zebra The Lawrence, Kansas music scene was different before Vivid Zebra came around. In the collective’s early days, a request to throw a show at the now-closed Jackpot Music Hall was m... [Read More]

Midwest Menace

Posted on March 14 2019 by Aaron Rhodes

To make it out of Kansas City's East Side, you've got to 'hoop or shoot a strap' — Ray Muney chooses to rap Street rap has found itself in the middle of a new gold rush. While 50 Cent, Jeezy and a score of other rough-and-tumble rhymesm... [Read More]

Cuba > Kansas City > Record Contract > UFC Contract

Posted on February 22 2019 by Aaron Rhodes

The Marquez brothers are writing their family’s new American story through music and mixed martial arts Antonio Marquez of Kansas City is one of the most commanding frontmen in modern hardcore music — a noisy and defiant splinter genre from the traditi... [Read More]

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