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Weekend Roundup: Take Me Back To Electric Park

Posted on August 16 2019 by Michelle Bacon

  One of the area’s most successful acts, Making Movies has also become one of the region’s biggest advocates for immigrant rights. With support from Maria the Mexican and Mr. and Mrs. Dodge, they’ll be performing an I Heart Local Music fundrai... [Read More]

Weekend Roundup: High Hopes

Posted on July 12 2019 by Michelle Bacon

  Hailing from Warrensburg, Molly Gene has enjoyed a thriving solo career as a razor-sharp slide-guitar and foot-stompin’ act that she has dubbed the One Whoaman Band. Her revitalizing, self-described Delta thrash sound has taken her across the... [Read More]

Weekend Roundup: Summer Dreams

Posted on June 28 2019 by Michelle Bacon

  Pride Month is winding down, but that doesn’t mean you should stop celebrating LGBTQIA community and civil rights. Tonight, dark pop duo The Black Creatures will be performing in the InterUrban Arthouse Listening Room ((8001 Newton St, Overla... [Read More]

Weekend Roundup: Lullabies Till Dawn

Posted on June 7 2019 by Michelle Bacon

When Les Izmore throws himself behind a musical project, it’s bound to be something visionary… often revolutionary. He’s been staying busy this year with the recent debut of Arquesta Del SolSoul — an avant-garde combo propelled by himself and poet/spo... [Read More]

Weekend Roundup: Sunshine Long Overdue

Posted on May 31 2019 by Michelle Bacon

  Four years ago, Kelly Hunt left Memphis to make Kansas City her home. As she started gaining attention at open mics and festivals around the city, her striking singularity as a folk singer and songwriter became clear to audiences. Last year,... [Read More]

Weekend Roundup: Ain't No Sunshine

Posted on May 24 2019 by Michelle Bacon

Look Ma' No Microphone by Mr. and the Mrs. This weekend’s forecast is looking stormy, so why not cozy up with a set of turbulent tunes? Lawrence, Kansas garage punk duo Mr. and the Mrs. is releasing an 11-track album entitled “Look Ma’ No Micro... [Read More]

Weekend Roundup: Now Or Never

Posted on May 3 2019 by Michelle Bacon

  Knuckleheads’ annual MerleJam concert has brought in a mix of respected Americana/folk/blues acts from KC and beyond, all for the purpose of assisting heart transplant patients and their families. The event kicks off tonight, with headlining... [Read More]

Weekend Roundup: OMG Rock n Roll

Posted on April 26 2019 by Michelle Bacon

  The follow-up to his 2017 album “City Music,” Kevin Morby is back with “Oh My God,” a double LP that drops today on Dead Oceans. We’ve got a look at the album coming next week, but if you want to hear it first, Mills Record Company is... [Read More]

Weekend Roundup: Going Green

Posted on April 19 2019 by Michelle Bacon

  It's an evening of ‘80s-tinged dark wave soundscape tonight at the recordBar. The four-band bill is stacked with two international touring acts and two cosmic locals. Based in Denmark, The Foreign Resort is nearing the end of a three-week Nor... [Read More]

Weekend Roundup: Strike A Match

Posted on April 5 2019 by Michelle Bacon

  April First Friday marks the city’s first real foray into spring, and if you’re anything like me, you’re ready to venture into that cool night air. Start on the southwestern end of the Crossroads district at Folk Alliance International’s offi... [Read More]


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