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Bridge Exclusive: Emmaline Twist – 'Drugs' Video Premiere

Posted on July 1 2021 by Michelle Bacon

Recommended dosage of “Drugs” by Emmaline Twist: at least three times daily. Possible side effects can include chaotic introspection, existential dread and euphoria. Frequent listens or viewings may lead to addiction... and are strongly encouraged.As we h... [Read More]

Bridge Exclusive: Kian Byrne – 'You + Me' Video Premiere

Posted on June 16 2021 by Michelle Bacon

Through The Bridge’s recent Sound Minds day, we talked about the link between mental health and the healing power of music. We’ll continue the conversation through the artist perspective over the summer, examining the experiences and challenges faced by c... [Read More]

Bridge Exclusive: Brent Windler - 'Around the Bend' Video Premiere

Posted on June 3 2021 by Michelle Bacon

We all have those songs that transport us to a certain place and time in our lives. Brent Windler’s 2020 single, “Around the Bend,” is likely to hold an elite spot in my retrospective pandemic playlist for years. Released last summer under a cloud of glob... [Read More]

Bridge Exclusive: Alyssa Murray – 'thx' Video Premiere

Posted on April 23 2021 by Michelle Bacon

Today’s Bridge premiere signals an extraordinary creative shift for a noteworthy local artist.Those familiar with Alyssa Murray’s work are already well aware of her musical mastery. She’s more than proven herself across the city’s jazz and classical scene... [Read More]

Bridge Exclusive: The Freedom Affair – 'Outta My Mind' Video Premiere

Posted on April 8 2021 by Michelle Bacon

Start your day with a sumptuous new music video from a Kansas City gem — The Freedom Affair!“‘Outta My Mind’ is about longing for someone, or something, that isn’t available,” said drummer and video director Dave Brick. “For musicians and performance arti... [Read More]

Bridge Exclusive: Modern Day Fitzgerald – 'Cherry Blossoms' Video Premiere

Posted on March 19 2021 by Michelle Bacon

One of the most alluring symbols of spring is the cherry blossom. Permeated in the art and culture of Japan, the tree and its delicate, short-lived blooms signify rebirth, hope and the fleeting nature of life.Modern Day Fitzgerald’s track, “Cherry Blossom... [Read More]

Bridge Exclusive: Ebony Tusks Flew the Coop Session Premiere

Posted on March 10 2021 by Michelle Bacon

Trading in the chicken coop for a blackbox theater, the Coop Sessions team partnered with Charlotte Street Foundation for their latest installment, featuring Ebony Tusks.The new video captures everything we miss about live music, and it’s best viewed whil... [Read More]

Bridge Exclusive: Kadesh Flow – 'Cry For Me 2' Song Premiere

Posted on February 12 2021 by Michelle Bacon

Just in time for the Valentine’s Day weekend, Kadesh Flow delivers a track for the rest of us.On “Cry For Me 2,” the Kansas City rapper trades in his often rapid-fire rhymes for achingly vulnerable melodies. The song is a candidly solemn look at the concl... [Read More]

Bridge Exclusive: Lily B Moonflower – 'Midnight Song' Video Premiere

Posted on January 8 2021 by Michelle Bacon

The first Bridge video premiere of 2021 is a “quintessential Midwestern celebration of love, celebration and music,” from singer-songwriter Lily B Moonflower. “Midnight Song” feels just like going home again.As she reminisces about “late nights dancing ba... [Read More]

Bridge Exclusive: Lazy Projector – 'Windows' Video Premiere

Posted on December 2 2020 by Michelle Bacon

Today’s Bridge video premiere takes a look at the link between isolation and connectivity, in the wake of social upheaval and a global pandemic. “Windows” is the latest release from Kansas City artist Lazy Projector, following its debut 2018 album, “ev... [Read More]


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