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Wonderfuzz – 'Get There' Exclusive Video Premiere

Posted on April 12 2019 by Michelle Bacon

It’s not terribly often that a cover band begins releasing original content, but if Wonderfuzz’s new album is any indication, perhaps more of them should.  If you think of all the musical ground they’ve covered together over the past seven years, it ma... [Read More]

Monta At Odds – 'Grasping Infinity' Exclusive Video Premiere

Posted on March 22 2019 by Michelle Bacon

Monta At Odds leads off its 2018 album, “Argentum Dreams,” with “Grasping Infinity” — plunging the listener headfirst into the band’s astral universe. It’s the latest release from the KC-based combo, steered by boundary-pushing brothers Dedric and Delaney... [Read More]

Violet and the Undercurrents – 'Eyes On the Sky' Exclusive Video Premiere

Posted on February 15 2019 by Michelle Bacon

The forthcoming release from Violet and the Undercurrents recounts the story of a sea captain and his conversation with a group of sirens. The quartet’s first full-length since 2014, “The Captain” is a masterful two-part work that guides the listener thro... [Read More]

Kian Byrne – 'When I'm Gone' Exclusive Video Premiere

Posted on December 21 2018 by Michelle Bacon

For many, the holidays evoke innocent, impeccable images of family traditions and communal moments — memories that endure and excite as the season approaches. This tender video from Kian Byrne arrives just in time for your Christmas festivities, embodying... [Read More]

No Magic — ‘Backspin’ Exclusive Video Premiere

Posted on October 25 2018 by Michelle Bacon

Ben Sauder — the Lawrence, Kansas, artist who goes by the moniker No Magic — is returning to the spotlight with “In Cocoon,” his first album in four years. While his 2014 self-titled album was a serene debut that I Heart Local Music called a blend of “... [Read More]

Pale Tongue – 'King In Yellow' Exclusive Video Premiere

Posted on September 21 2018 by Michelle Bacon

Complete with a fuzzed out, acerbic presentation, the Lawrence, Kansas, duo Pale Tongue releases its first music video today. “King In Yellow” is the second single from the band’s upcoming self-titled debut EP. “This song started as a riff I brought to... [Read More]

Mr. Golden Sun – ‘Heavy Water’ Exclusive Video Premiere

Posted on September 13 2018 by Michelle Bacon

The Bridge is excited to premiere “Heavy Water,” the latest single from Mr. Golden Sun. Using old archival footage of astronauts careening to high G-force levels and children wearing gas masks, the dystopian video provides a jarring juxtaposition to th... [Read More]

Lazy Projector: 'Neon Light' Exclusive Video Premiere

Posted on August 9 2018 by Michelle Bacon

Aaron Shinn has been writing and recording music since the age of 15. “My early recordings were more for my own enjoyment and exploration,” he said of his songs, which were initially influenced by folk music. “I was always interested in writing simple... [Read More]

The Big Sky: ‘Dog Eat Dog World’ Exclusive Video Premiere

Posted on June 28 2018 by Michelle Bacon

Wrapping up a month-long tour through the Southwest and Pacific Northwest, The Big Sky is on its way back home to Lawrence, Kansas, and is releasing a brand new music video. “Dog Eat Dog World” is the lead track from the trio’s first independent full-leng... [Read More]

Mikal Shapiro: 'Everybody’s Baby' Exclusive Video Premiere

Posted on May 24 2018 by Michelle Bacon

Hailed for its seamless shifting of musical styles and sophisticated character arcs, Mikal Shapiro’s 2015 album, “The Musical,” was a standout piece of work. This weekend, the singer-songwriter returns with her follow-up full-length release, “The Musical... [Read More]


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