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Presale: The Bridge Presents The Record Company

Posted on February 5 2019 by The Bridge

Within a year of The Record Company's debut album "Give It Back To You," the trio scored three top 10 hits on Triple-A radio, a Grammy nomination and an opening slot on John Mayer's first solo tour. The band is touring on its 2018 release, "All Of... [Read More]

Presales at the Madrid: Gary Numan + The Record Company

Posted on April 25 2018 by The Bridge

The Madrid Theatre is bringing two great shows to Kansas City this fall! With a career that spans nearly four decades, Gary Numan is renowned as a pioneer and an institution of electronic music. His music has inspired artists in countless genres and er... [Read More]

On The Way: Tom Jones, Mountain Goats and The Record Company

Posted on September 28 2016 by Michael Atchison

Revolutions rarely happen in music. Our “revolutionary” artists are really just catalysts. They change some things, for sure, setting in motion broad cultural shifts that ripple out over years. But beware when you hear that a certain artist “changed every... [Read More]

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