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Sympathetic Vibrations | Orchestrated Payoff

Posted on November 15 2018 by The Bridge

How do you get to Carnegie Hall in New York City? Practice, the old joke goes. But not everyone has time for that. As a kid, earning the chance to join an orchestra can be as simple as signing up […] [Read More]

Sympathetic Vibrations | Billy’s Thunder

Posted on November 1 2018 by The Bridge

Kansas City natives Billy Brimblecom and Jason Sudeikis will bang the gong again this Saturday, Nov. 3, at the Uptown Theater for the second annual Thundergong! The mixed cocktail of music and comedy will be aimed at fundraising for the   ...Continue Read... [Read More]

Sympathetic Vibrations | Keep the Line Moving

Posted on October 18 2018 by The Bridge

It’s obvious the midterm elections are imminent, given all the discourse from talking heads, political ads and (apparently) completely unhinged Kanye West rants. West’s particular brand of political speech is not uncharted territory for artists and celebr... [Read More]

Sympathetic Vibrations | The Great Wide Open

Posted on October 4 2018 by The Bridge

It was a tensely muted scene at The Rino on Monday night, especially considering the small crowd. Almost all of the room’s high-top tables were occupied by parties of one – many of whom sat quietly with a fidgety, nervous   ...Continue Reading [Read More]

Sympathetic Vibrations | Sofar Up Close

Posted on September 20 2018 by The Bridge

One of the most annoying things I’ve noticed about getting older is how much more sensitive I am to hassles. My fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants 20s have been replaced by a more calculated 30s, where most of my decisions regarding evening activities require   ... [Read More]

Sympathetic Vibrations | The Beats Behind the Brawn

Posted on September 6 2018 by The Bridge

Labor Day has come and gone, which means the holy season of NFL football is upon us. And while the Chiefs season will kick off with a pair of away games in Los Angeles and Pittsburgh,  most Chiefs fans are   ...Continue Reading [Read More]

Sympathetic Vibrations | This is How We Do It

Posted on August 23 2018 by The Bridge

Local post-punk band, Emmaline Twist will take a leap forward with the release of its new album, “Dissimulation”, tomorrow. And though the album represents the band’s formal full-length debut, it is by no means the first rodeo for its veteran   ...Continu... [Read More]

Sympathetic Vibrations | End of the Run

Posted on August 9 2018 by The Bridge

There will likely be hugs and tears tomorrow night at The Rino, as local alt rock trio Run With It completes its victory lap with one final show. And while their swan song will be the end of an era   ...Continue Reading [Read More]

Sympathetic Vibrations | To Bold Men

Posted on July 26 2018 by The Bridge

Local music fans unleashed a collective fist pump last spring when word began spreading that Shy Boys, one of the area’s most beloved indie outfits, was back in the studio tracking its much anticipated sophomore effort. That album, “Bell House,”   ...Cont... [Read More]

Sympathetic Vibrations | Setting the Record Straight

Posted on July 19 2018 by The Bridge

For many musicians, writing and performing music for the public is a privilege. And though artists rights typically don’t factor into the general perception of being a kick-ass rocker, that doesn’t mean those rights should be ignored. But safeguarding tho... [Read More]