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Sympathetic Vibrations: Dan's Favorite Albums of the '10s

Posted on July 18 2019 by Dan Calderon

Putting together a list of my favorite albums of the ‘10s proved to be a much more painstaking task than I had originally anticipated. How does one even begin to narrow down such an impressive and varied group of releases? Do I choose based off the succes... [Read More]

Sympathetic Vibrations: Smart Beats

Posted on May 30 2019 by Dan Calderon

Plaza Academy’s Beat Academy set to celebrate the release of its first album with raucous party Plaza Academy is a little off the beaten path of traditional education. And that is one of its many strengths. But finding the beat is an integral part of o... [Read More]

Sympathetic Vibrations: Spaces | Miller's Rural Escape

Posted on April 18 2019 by Dan Calderon

Local artist J. Ashley Miller shows us his rural home recording studio It’s a beautiful spring day as I drive toward the home of J. Ashley Miller — local musician, engineer, producer and creative force behind local acts like The Golden Calves, Meta... [Read More]

Sympathetic Vibrations: Mess' Clean Start

Posted on March 21 2019 by Dan Calderon

Local indie rockers set to release heady, concept-driven debut LP If you listen to “Learning How to Talk,” the debut full-length from local indie group Mess, you’ll find a gorgeous and haunting exploration of trauma, self-doubt and heartbreak. And that... [Read More]

Sympathetic Vibrations: Spaces | The Coop

Posted on February 21 2019 by Dan Calderon

Mitchell Hewlett’s converted goat coop is kicking out a whole new funk Mitchell Hewlett and Josh Hartranft needed a new place to live in 2014, and a two-bedroom apartment in Lawrence, Kansas, wouldn’t do for two musicians. So the idea of scoring a s... [Read More]

Sympathetic Vibrations | Five Rules For Loving Vinyl

Posted on February 7 2019 by Dan Calderon

Vinyl Renaissance co-owner offers five tips to get the most out of your record collection Some music fanatics maintain record collections over time for sentimental reasons. Others prefer the richness and clarity of the medium. And still others use reco... [Read More]

Sympathetic Vibrations | Radar State Really Doesn't Care. Do You?

Posted on January 24 2019 by Dan Calderon

Despite a debut full length, a nationwide tour and being dubbed a 'supergroup,' the pop punkers say it's just for fun In 2017, Matt Pryor and Jim Suptic were grabbing lunch and lamenting that their band, The Get Up Kids, were in something o... [Read More]

Sympathetic Vibrations | Billy’s Thunder

Posted on November 1 2018 by The Bridge

Kansas City natives Billy Brimblecom and Jason Sudeikis will bang the gong again this Saturday, Nov. 3, at the Uptown Theater for the second annual Thundergong! The mixed cocktail of music and comedy will be aimed at fundraising for the   ...Continue Read... [Read More]

Sympathetic Vibrations | Keep the Line Moving

Posted on October 18 2018 by The Bridge

It’s obvious the midterm elections are imminent, given all the discourse from talking heads, political ads and (apparently) completely unhinged Kanye West rants. West’s particular brand of political speech is not uncharted territory for artists and celebr... [Read More]

Sympathetic Vibrations | The Great Wide Open

Posted on October 4 2018 by The Bridge

It was a tensely muted scene at The Rino on Monday night, especially considering the small crowd. Almost all of the room’s high-top tables were occupied by parties of one – many of whom sat quietly with a fidgety, nervous   ...Continue Reading [Read More]


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