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Sound Minds, Part 3: Dr. Katie Jacobs

Posted on July 20 2021 by Chris Haghirian

Our July series, Sound Minds, continues this week on the Eight One Sixty. This week we welcome in special guest Dr. Katie Jacobs via Zoom. Also joining us, Michelle Bacon guiding the conversation, and Sarah Bradshaw producing the show.Sound Minds is a fou... [Read More]

Sound Minds, Part 2: Dr. Erin Corriveau

Posted on July 13 2021 by Chris Haghirian

Our Sound Minds series continues, as we welcome in special guest Dr. Erin Corriveau. Dr. Corriveau is a medical doctor at University of Kansas Medical Center, deputy medical officer at Wyandotte County Health Center and she’s on the Midwest Music Foundati... [Read More]

Sound Minds, Part 1: Musicians and Mental Health

Posted on July 6 2021 by Chris Haghirian

On this episode we kick off a 4-part series of shows called SOUND MINDS. Every year on the show we dedicate the month of July to a series of shows, and this year as our lives adjust to a new normal, and as our musician community was hit so hard during the... [Read More]

Bridge Exclusive: Kian Byrne – 'You + Me' Video Premiere

Posted on June 16 2021 by Michelle Bacon

Through The Bridge’s recent Sound Minds day, we talked about the link between mental health and the healing power of music. We’ll continue the conversation through the artist perspective over the summer, examining the experiences and challenges faced by c... [Read More]

Sound Minds Day: Listen to the FULL Show

Posted on May 12 2021 by Bryan Truta

You asked for it… By popular demand, you can listen back to the entire Sound Minds segment of Mornings with Bryan Truta from May 12, 2021: [Read More]

'Sound Minds': Music Has the Power To Heal

Posted on April 28 2021 by The Bridge

Coming on Wednesday, May 12, “Sound Minds” is a day to focus on mental health and the role music plays in it. It isn't just our imagination — music has the power to heal. In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we'll welcome in special guests (includin... [Read More]

Bridge Exclusive: Jon Batiste Interview

Posted on April 27 2021 by Bryan Truta

Fresh off his Oscar win, Jon Batiste joined Truta on the morning show. The multitalented musician talks about his work on the Pixar film “Soul,” his latest album “We Are,” his work as bandleader on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” and using music to... [Read More]

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