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NuBlvckCity — ‘All Night’ and 'Alive' Exclusive Song Premiere

Posted on July 12 2019 by Michelle Bacon

“You have now entered the zone.” On “All Night,” Kartez Marcel asserts these words as he delivers a concise commentary on his group’s singular style — “NuBlvckCity like 2Pac, Biggie meets Kenny G, with a soulful sprinkle of R&B.” “It’s unlike anythi... [Read More]

Belle and the Vertigo Waves – 'Fear Or Faith' Exclusive Song Premiere

Posted on June 7 2019 by Michelle Bacon

When Belle Loux set out to make her first record, she had yet to perform any of her material with a band.  “I had fantasized about hearing those songs with a full band for so long,” she said. “They had sort of become these characters that I grew up wit... [Read More]

Black Stacey — ‘Lose the Peace’ Exclusive Song Premiere

Posted on May 17 2019 by Michelle Bacon

The title track from an upcoming EP, “Lose the Peace” is the latest effort from Kansas City-based artist Black Stacey.  “It’s undoubtedly one of my proudest moments as a writer,” said Sharaden Staten, the man behind the project. The song — which set... [Read More]

Katy Guillen & the Girls – 'Back To Normal' Exclusive Song Premiere

Posted on December 17 2018 by Michelle Bacon

Making a living as a touring musician isn’t easy. It’s a process that requires careful planning, strategizing, routing, rehearsing and creating — not to mention all of that time spent on the open road, crammed in a van with bandmates, gear, merch and a ca... [Read More]

Rachel Mallin & the Wild Type — ‘It Isn’t Love’ Song Premiere

Posted on November 8 2018 by Michelle Bacon

Rachel Mallin recommends her band’s latest single, “It Isn’t Love,” for the following scenarios: Pumping yourself up to attend a party where you will inevitably see everyone you’ve dated in the last three years. Going to an Applebee's happy ho... [Read More]

Chase The Horseman: ‘U Martyr U’ Exclusive Song Premiere

Posted on April 27 2018 by Michelle Bacon

If you’re an avid Bridge listener, you’ve probably heard Chase The Horseman’s debut single, “RIPchord,” which has been in our rotation since December. Horseman returns today with his second tune, about the modern-day martyrdom that pervades our society. H... [Read More]

Danielle Nicole: 'Cry No More' World Premiere

Posted on January 24 2018 by Michelle Bacon

Following her widely acclaimed 2015 solo debut "Wolf Den," Danielle Nicole is set to release "Cry No More" via Concord Records on Feb. 23. "I grew up playing the blues, and the blues is still a big part of what I do," said the Kansas City-based singer,... [Read More]

Carswell & Hope: 'Abilene' Song Premiere

Posted on August 31 2017 by Michelle Bacon

Carswell & Hope (L to R): Jordan Tucker, Austin Quick, Jason Slote, Chris Handley, Nick Carswell | Photo: Katlyn Conroy On its first single in almost two years, Carswell & Hope re-emerges from a lengthy hiatus with a tenacious, magnified sound. “Since... [Read More]

Shells: 'Fragments' Exclusive Song Premiere

Posted on July 11 2017 by Michelle Bacon

On her debut EP “New Bones,” singer-songwriter Riley Brown confronts the transitions of adulthood and motherhood. “In early 2015 when I started writing ‘New Bones,’ I was a new mother, newlywed, recent college graduate living in a family member’s base... [Read More]

Claire Adams: ‘Boom’ Exclusive Song Premiere

Posted on June 2 2017 by Michelle Bacon

For her project, Claire and the Crowded Stage, Claire Adams has created solid, refined pop songs with an orchestra of cohesive moving parts. But for her upcoming solo EP “Waiting For the Winds To Change,” she’s chosen to chart her tunes on a different cou... [Read More]


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