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Sympathetic Vibrations: Dan's Favorite Albums of the '10s

Posted on July 18 2019 by Dan Calderon

Putting together a list of my favorite albums of the ‘10s proved to be a much more painstaking task than I had originally anticipated. How does one even begin to narrow down such an impressive and varied group of releases? Do I choose based off the succes... [Read More]

Aaron's Top 15 KC Albums of the Decade

Posted on July 11 2019 by Aaron Rhodes

This list was excruciating to make. Kansas City music rules. Punk rock? Hip-hop? Indie rock? Other s***? I love it all, baby. My initial listen had to be whittled down from around 60 of my favorite local albums from the last decade. Please tweet and ask m... [Read More]

Under The Flyover : October

Posted on October 31 2017 by Cody Boston

Welcome back for another installment of Under the Flyover, a monthly photo series where we share a glimpse at what’s been happening in the booming music scene that the touring industry has referred to as “flyover country.” [Read More]

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