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Women in Music: The KC Edition

Posted on July 27 2017 by Michelle Bacon

Too often, being a woman in the music industry is treated as an anomaly rather than a norm. Even when it’s not intentional, the subject of gender finds itself embedded in interviews, casual conversations and commentary with or about female/transgender mus... [Read More]

Road Lessons: Connecting with the Human Side of Music

Posted on October 13 2016 by Michelle Bacon

When you have 3000 miles to stare out of the window of a moving van (see above), it gives you a lot of time to think. After interviewing four touring acts (see our Road Work Ahead series) and recently spending a week with my own band (Chris Meck and th... [Read More]

Road Work Ahead: A Couple That Plays Together Stays Together

Posted on August 11 2016 by Michelle Bacon

For a band, the siren song of touring can feel part reward, part obligation. Our four-part series follows four area bands and takes you into their vans and venues to find out what it’s really like to hit the open road. Read Part 1 with Nicholas St. James.... [Read More]

Haymaker Records Throws Its First Artist Showcase Party

Posted on July 22 2015 by Sarah Bradshaw

In this day and age, a band must have recorded music in order to be viable at almost any level. Fortunately, it’s now possible for almost any musician to do; recording has become less expensive, and putting music into the world is as easy as the click of... [Read More]

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