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Episode 98 – Spotlight on Stevie Wonder's 'Where I'm Coming From'

Posted on March 8 2020 by Michael Atchison

This week’s show features a set of classic country songs, a trio of American power pop bands, and some grungy sounds from the 1990s. We also shine the spotlight on a rarely discussed but hugely important album that marked a transition in the career of one... [Read More]

Episode 97 – Alphabet Soup: INXS, AC/DC & the dB's

Posted on March 1 2020 by Michael Atchison

This week’s show features indie pop from the dB’s and Close Lobsters, classic rock from Neil Young and Lou Reed, and funky soul from The O’Jays and Funkadelic. We also make the connection between three vintage Australian bands, and we remember Andy Gill,... [Read More]

Episode 96 – Mardi Gras and More

Posted on February 23 2020 by Michael Atchison

This week’s show features a trio of bands from the first wave of U.K. punk, a classic from the heyday of KC jazz, and a track that holds a unique place in Wilco’s catalog. We also prepare for Fat Tuesday with songs by three of the most beloved artists fro... [Read More]

Episode 94 – Just One Victory

Posted on February 2 2020 by Michael Atchison

On the day that the Chiefs play for the title, Revival kicks off your pre-game festivities with two hours of songs carefully chosen for the occasion, from a track called “Patrick” to a band called Travis and a set of singles that made up the Billboard top... [Read More]

Episode 90 – This Will Be Our Year

Posted on January 5 2020 by Michael Atchison

The first show of 2020 features the band 20/20, three tracks from the early days of rock and roll, and a trio of vintage punk and new wave acts from just off the beaten path. We also hear a No. 1 hit from the U.K. that was all but ignored in the U.S., a s... [Read More]

Episode 88 – Revival's Second Annual Holiday Spectacular

Posted on December 22 2019 by Michelle Bacon

This week we celebrate the season as we spin nothing but the finest yuletide tracks for two solid hours. We’ll hear from classic crooners, classic rockers and titans of rhythm and blues. We’ll learn that Santa’s got soul (and that he sometimes goes surfin... [Read More]

Episode 86 – Carla, Clarence, Can & Cortez

Posted on December 8 2019 by Michael Atchison

We’re in our Winter Funding Drive, but the music doesn’t stop. This week’s show features a pair of prog-rock bands from beyond the mainstream fringe, one of Neil Young’s great epics, and a local 909 Artist whose career dates back to the 1930s. We also rem... [Read More]

Episode 85 – Midnight Ramblers and Mercury Poisoning

Posted on December 1 2019 by Michelle Bacon

This week’s show features a track with roots going back to the late 19th century, the 50th anniversary of one of the Rolling Stones’ finest albums, and two punk-era artists’ diatribes against their former record labels. We also hear some vintage R&B, some... [Read More]

Episode 84 – Joni, Joan, Johnny, Jules & Janis

Posted on November 24 2019 by Michelle Bacon

This week’s show features three tracks from the earliest days of rock and roll, power pop from the American south, and a pair of classic crooners ruminating on autumn leaves. We also explore the songs of Kris Kristofferson, and we celebrate the 50th anniv... [Read More]

Episode 82 – Major Dudes and Audio Dynamite

Posted on November 10 2019 by Michelle Bacon

This week’s show features vintage garage rock from the 1960s, chilled-out indie rock from the early '80s, and some acoustic soul from India.Arie. We also hear one from just before R.E.M. hit the big time, and a track from Bruce Springsteen’s debut.  A... [Read More]


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