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Bill Withers, Singer-Songwriter Of 'Ain't No Sunshine,' Has Died At Age 81

Posted on April 3 2020 by NPR

Bill Withers, the sweet-voiced baritone behind such classic songs as "Ain't No Sunshine," "Lean on Me" and "Use Me" has died. Withers was 81 years old. According to a family statement given to the Associated Press, he died Monday in Los Angeles due to hea... [Read More]

Remembering Adam Schlesinger, One Of Pop's Great Collaborators

Posted on April 2 2020 by NPR

It's tempting, when assessing great creative works, to funnel all credit to a lone genius — a writer, a singer, a director, an artist, or a name that sits atop a marquee. It's so much easier to be spared the task of teasing out greatness from an interconn... [Read More]

City Scenes: An Exploration Of Romantic Connections With 'LOVEsongs'

Posted on February 13 2020 by NPR

"Love" and "song" are the perfect pair, like thee and me; it's a cosmic connection worth celebrating not just on Valentine's Day, but every day.At least, that's what Kansas City, Mo., documentarian Anthony Ladesich thought when he set out filming LOVEsong... [Read More]

Joseph Shabalala, Ladysmith Black Mambazo Founder, Dies At 78

Posted on February 11 2020 by NPR

Joseph Shabalala, the singer who created the South African choral group Ladysmith Black Mambazo and propelled it to worldwide fame, died Tuesday in Pretoria at age 78. The group became beloved globally as collaborators with Paul Simon on the album Gracela... [Read More]

Waxahatchee Announces New Album 'Saint Cloud,' Shares First Single 'Fire'

Posted on January 22 2020 by NPR

When Waxahatchee, a.k.a. songwriter Katie Crutchfield, released an EP of spare, folk-tinged songs called Great Thunder in late 2018, it marked a return to an earlier, more stripped-down and intimate sound, following years of increasing scope on the four f... [Read More]

Tegan And Sara Find Pain — And Unexpected Joy — In 'High School'

Posted on October 18 2019 by NPR

High school was a tumultuous time for Canadian identical twins Tegan and Sara Quin. They both, separately, were coming to terms with their sexuality — and they were also beginning to write and record songs together."Almost right away, we started to weave... [Read More]

Heritage Month Special: Mexican Music Then And Now

Posted on September 18 2019 by NPR

Every month is Latino Heritage Month on Alt.Latino, but I like to set aside some special features from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 to celebrate. We're kicking things off with a trio of interviews with musicians and a filmmaker who have three very distinct connect... [Read More]

Ric Ocasek, Frontman Of The Cars, Has Died

Posted on September 16 2019 by NPR

Updated at 8:15 p.m. MondayRic Ocasek, leader of the Boston-based rock band The Cars and an influential music producer, has died, a New York Police Department spokesman confirmed to NPR. He was found unconscious Sunday afternoon at his townhouse in Manhat... [Read More]

How Ella Fitzgerald Is Influencing A New Generation Of Latinx Musicians

Posted on September 7 2019 by NPR

As one of the most beloved singers of the 20th century, Ella Fitzgerald was admired around the world. She was also one of the most acclaimed, earning a National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Master award; a National Medal of Art and a Presidential Medal of... [Read More]

Bon Iver Balances Prayer And Despair On 'i,i'

Posted on August 13 2019 by NPR

Hidden inside the three minutes and eight seconds of "Holyfields," are the basic schematics for i,i, the deceptively ambitious fourth Bon Iver album. The piece opens in a mood of electronic desolation, with a spikey, synthesized pulse that recalls the... [Read More]


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