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Tegan And Sara Find Pain — And Unexpected Joy — In 'High School'

Posted on October 18 2019 by NPR

High school was a tumultuous time for Canadian identical twins Tegan and Sara Quin. They both, separately, were coming to terms with their sexuality — and they were also beginning to write and record songs together."Almost right away, we started to weave... [Read More]

Heritage Month Special: Mexican Music Then And Now

Posted on September 18 2019 by NPR

Every month is Latino Heritage Month on Alt.Latino, but I like to set aside some special features from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 to celebrate. We're kicking things off with a trio of interviews with musicians and a filmmaker who have three very distinct connect... [Read More]

Ric Ocasek, Frontman Of The Cars, Has Died

Posted on September 16 2019 by NPR

Updated at 8:15 p.m. MondayRic Ocasek, leader of the Boston-based rock band The Cars and an influential music producer, has died, a New York Police Department spokesman confirmed to NPR. He was found unconscious Sunday afternoon at his townhouse in Manhat... [Read More]

How Ella Fitzgerald Is Influencing A New Generation Of Latinx Musicians

Posted on September 7 2019 by NPR

As one of the most beloved singers of the 20th century, Ella Fitzgerald was admired around the world. She was also one of the most acclaimed, earning a National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Master award; a National Medal of Art and a Presidential Medal of... [Read More]

Bon Iver Balances Prayer And Despair On 'i,i'

Posted on August 13 2019 by NPR

Hidden inside the three minutes and eight seconds of "Holyfields," are the basic schematics for i,i, the deceptively ambitious fourth Bon Iver album. The piece opens in a mood of electronic desolation, with a spikey, synthesized pulse that recalls the... [Read More]

Listen: Brandi Carlile, Maren Morris, Amanda Shires, Natalie Hemby Are The Highwomen

Posted on July 19 2019 by NPR

In 1985, a team of country-music legends formed The Highwaymen, a supergroup combining the talents of Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristofferson. It somehow took 34 years for someone to think of a perfectly named counterpart, but n... [Read More]

Wilco Announces New Album, Shares 'Love Is Everywhere (Beware)'

Posted on July 16 2019 by NPR

Wilco has announced it'll release the band's 11th studio album later this year. Drawing its title from the poetry of Friedrich Schiller — and Beethoven's Ninth symphony — Wilco's Ode to Joy will feature what frontman Jeff Tweedy calls "rea... [Read More]

iLe And Making Movies Discuss Music, Activism And Mixing The Two

Posted on July 11 2019 by NPR

The Alt.Latino Interview Archive is currently housed at a secret location just off Avenida de La Independencia in downtown Tijuana. I dispatched a courier to pick up two interviews that were recorded recently, so I could offer this mid-summer gift to... [Read More]

After Years Apart, The Black Keys Get Back To Basics

Posted on June 30 2019 by NPR

Between their formation in 2001 and last album in 2014, guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney released eight LPs as The Black Keys and became household names with songs like "Tighten Up" and "Fever." When the duo took a break from recording an... [Read More]

Lucy Dacus' Conflicted Song About America: 'Forever Half Mast'

Posted on June 25 2019 by NPR

    Lucy Dacus is conflicted about America. The chorus of her new song, "Forever Half Mast," begins with the line, "Yes you're evil, but you're not that bad." The inspired songwriter from Richmond dropped me a note to say, "I wrote i... [Read More]


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