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Episode 160 – Spirits In The Night, Saints In The City

Posted on May 23 2021 by Michael Atchison

This week’s show features a set of alternative guitar pop, some big '70s rock, and a track from a legendary debut, plus a cover of a song from that album by a legendary artist. We also hear Nina Simone respond to the Beatles, and we reassess an album that... [Read More]

Episode 156 – Lonely Weekends & Downtown Nights

Posted on April 25 2021 by Michael Atchison

This week’s show features three pop hits of the new-wave era, two Jamaican rock steady tracks that were later famously covered, and a song that only sounds like it’s from Elvis Presley. We also hear one of the most sampled tracks of all-time and a solo pi... [Read More]

Episode 152 – Spring Funding Drive: Come On, Get Happy

Posted on March 28 2021 by Michael Atchison

We’re in our Spring Funding Drive, but the music doesn’t stop. This week’s show features vintage new wave from Devo and The Stranglers, early alt-country from Lucinda Williams and Lone Justice, and classic Motown tracks from The Temptations and The Miracl... [Read More]

Episode 150 – Looking for the Magic

Posted on March 14 2021 by Michael Atchison

This week’s show features a great American band and one of its side projects, an R&B classic and its answer song, and two brilliant British folk artists. We also spin one from Big Star’s debut album, plus solo tracks from the band’s two principal songwrit... [Read More]

Episode 148 – Shoes and Skirts

Posted on February 28 2021 by Michael Atchison

This week’s show features some vintage North American power pop, a pair of classic reggae tracks, and one from John Lennon’s landmark solo debut. We also spin a new wave gem from The Boomtown Rats and a solo tune from Television’s Tom Verlaine. All that,... [Read More]

Episode 147 – The Long and Short Of It

Posted on February 21 2021 by Michael Atchison

This week’s show features a whole lot of short songs and a handful of long tracks that clock in at over 10 minutes.  We hear epics from Bridge Artist of the Week Fela Kuti, Erykah Badu and Neil Young & Crazy Horse, plus short blasts of punk from Wire and... [Read More]

Episode 146 – Valentine's Day

Posted on February 14 2021 by Michael Atchison

Sunday is Valentine’s Day, and we celebrate with two hours of love songs — from the burning love of Elvis Presley to Sarah Vaughan’s funny valentine. We hear classics from The Beach Boys and Barry White, plus some anti-love songs from Roy Orbison and Dee... [Read More]

Episode 145 – Black History Month

Posted on February 7 2021 by Michael Atchison

It’s Black History Month, and this week’s show features landmark recordings from Louis Armstrong and Robert Johnson, sublime standards from Dinah Washington and Ella Fitzgerald, and guitar heroics from Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Hazel. We also hear the founda... [Read More]

Episode 144 – Restless and Numb

Posted on January 31 2021 by Michael Atchison

This week’s show features three bands from Scotland, two songs in French, and some classic 1990s electronica. We also hear a punk icon leading a band of musical virtuosos, and a virtuosic songwriter collaborating with two of his few peers. All that, plus... [Read More]

Episode 143 – Space Age Bachelors and Cosmic Americans

Posted on January 24 2021 by Michael Atchison

This week’s episode of Revival features some Space Age Bachelor Pad Music, plus purveyors of the unrelated form, Cosmic American Music. We also hear some supple R&B from the early 1970s, an obscurity from an '80s band that first released its songs onl... [Read More]


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