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The Mariachi Stars of Kansas on NPR's Alt. Latino

Posted on October 26 2020 by The Bridge

Flatland community reporter Vicky Díaz-Camacho joined Mornings With Bryan Truta during Hispanic Heritage Month. She illuminated various voices in the Latinx community, from mentorship and education to music from key artists — which we'll include below in... [Read More]

Bridge Artist of the Week: Maria Cuevas

Posted on October 5 2020 by Michelle Bacon

In the coming week, we'll be featuring a special segment on Mariachi Estrella — a trailblazing group of Latina musicians from Kansas. Active for three decades, it was one of the first all-female mariachi bands in the nation. Maria Cuevas, our Bridge Ar... [Read More]

Maria the Mexican: A Career Driven By Tradition

Posted on April 5 2018 by Michelle Bacon

From its sensational hybrid of Mexican and American music to its namesake inspiration, the idea behind Maria the Mexican has always been about carrying on and upholding a storied legacy. “We chose our name because we’re proud of our heritage. It was in... [Read More]

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