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Bridge Exclusive: Lily B Moonflower – 'Midnight Song' Video Premiere

Posted on January 8 2021 by Michelle Bacon

The first Bridge video premiere of 2021 is a “quintessential Midwestern celebration of love, celebration and music,” from singer-songwriter Lily B Moonflower. “Midnight Song” feels just like going home again.As she reminisces about “late nights dancing ba... [Read More]

816 Weekend: Music From the 816 Area This Saturday and Sunday

Posted on August 11 2020 by The Bridge

816 Day is our city's annual celebration of all things KC, and it's coming back around this Sunday! Since it's a bit harder this year to support your favorite artists, businesses and organizations in person, we're turning the entire weekend over to #kc... [Read More]

Musicians Improvise to Survive Coronavirus Crisis

Posted on March 19 2020 by Michelle Bacon

Using Merch Sales, Online Concerts to Cushion the Blow of Canceled Shows Just over a week ago, I was lamenting about being forced to cancel gigs. It’s my lifeblood as an instrumentalist in multiple bands, a live music supporter whose social well-being... [Read More]

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