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Bridge Artist of the Week: Kevin Morby

Posted on May 18 2020 by Michelle Bacon

You may have seen our Bridge Artist of the Week on our livestream of KC Bands Together over the weekend!  Kevin Morby has gained national notoriety with his meticulous brand of indie rock songwriting. In 2019, he released the double-length concept albu... [Read More]

Aaron's Top 15 KC Albums of the Decade

Posted on July 11 2019 by Aaron Rhodes

This list was excruciating to make. Kansas City music rules. Punk rock? Hip-hop? Indie rock? Other s***? I love it all, baby. My initial listen had to be whittled down from around 60 of my favorite local albums from the last decade. Please tweet and ask m... [Read More]

The Tonganoxie 'Oh My God' Experience

Posted on May 6 2019 by Aaron Rhodes

Deciphering Kevin Morby’s secular gospel and sonic pop art with a stomach full of Casey’s pizza Spend a minute scrolling through the Instagram feed of your average millennial. Before that minute is up, you will likely have come across a post or two ped... [Read More]

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