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909 Exclusive: Stephonne – 'Deep' Song Premiere

Posted on July 14 2020 by Michelle Bacon

Upon hearing his radiant voice or seeing him in action as a dynamic actor and drag performer, one might not imagine that Stephonne Singleton used to struggle with a heaping sense of self-doubt around his music. “I stopped listening to the music and ins... [Read More]

909 Exclusive: Claire Adams – 'Golden Boughs' Video Premiere

Posted on July 10 2020 by Michelle Bacon

Kansas City-based singer-songwriter Claire Adams calls her latest music video, “Golden Boughs,” an “ode to human communication, especially over distance.”  Filmed mainly under a cherry tree in her garden — and entwined with vibrant foliage and scenery... [Read More]

New Music Tuesday June 30

Posted on June 30 2020 by The Bridge

Chris has more new music from Kansas City musicians on this week's episode of the Eight One Sixty! Despite all the changes to our lives that COVID has thrown at us, great music continues to come out and we’re happy to celebrate it! We’ll hear brand... [Read More]

Bridge Artist of the Week: Hermon Mehari

Posted on June 29 2020 by Michelle Bacon

Our next Bridge Artist of the Week is an internationally renowned trumpeter who hails from Kansas City and has a beautiful new album out! Hermon Mehari just dropped his second solo effort, "A Change For the Dreamlike," at the beginning of June. The lus... [Read More]

Black Light Animals – 'Halo' Exclusive Song Premiere

Posted on June 26 2020 by Michelle Bacon

In his 1985 book, “Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business,” Neil Postman discusses the ways in which television has infiltrated and transformed the way Americans view politics, news, communication and culture — through th... [Read More]

Lemonad(e) Park Outdoor Concert Series with Men of Men, The Whiffs and More at Lemonad(e) Park

Friday July 10, 2020 -Saturday July 11,2020

West Bottoms restaurant Voltaire and seminal music venue recordBar have teamed up to present an outdoor, socially distan... -Read More-

'90s Week on 90.9: Staff and Contributor Favorites

Posted on June 4 2020 by The Bridge

It's '90s Week here on 90.9 The Bridge, and we hope you've been relishing this trip down memory lane as much as we have! Our staff and contributors wanted to share some of their top albums, tracks and musical moments of the era. Tune in on Sat... [Read More]

‘90s Week on 90.9: A Q&A With Heidi Phillips and Matt Pryor

Posted on June 4 2020 by Timothy Finn

In the early 1990s, Kansas City's music world was as dynamic as ever. Bands like Season to Risk, Sin City Disciples, Molly McGuire, Giants Chair, Shiner, and, from Lawrence, Kansas, Kill Creek, Stick and Paw helped define the somewhat mythical Kansas... [Read More]

'90s Week on 90.9

Posted on June 2 2020 by The Bridge

On this week's episode of the Eight One Sixty, we celebrate KC music from the '90s. This show was a lot of fun to put together — digging through hard drives, looking up old articles and blog posts, and scouring through YouTube and Discogs. Things... [Read More]

'90s Week On 90.9: A Conversation with Steve Tulipana

Posted on June 2 2020 by Michelle Bacon

LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW Steve Tulipana of Season To Risk. | photo: John McGrath, courtesy of "Burnin' Down the House" To kick off '90s Week on 90.9, Steve Tulipana joined Mornings With Bryan Truta by phone on Monday, June 1. In a... [Read More]


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