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Bridge Artist of the Week: Janelle Monae

Posted on February 17 2020 by Michelle Bacon

Our next Bridge Artist of the Week is, in our opinion, one of the most essential artists in music today. She also hails from Kansas City, Kansas.  We're of course talking about the sensational Janelle Monáe, who just came off a spectacular performa... [Read More]

Sympathetic Vibrations: Dan's Favorite Albums of the '10s

Posted on July 18 2019 by Dan Calderon

Putting together a list of my favorite albums of the ‘10s proved to be a much more painstaking task than I had originally anticipated. How does one even begin to narrow down such an impressive and varied group of releases? Do I choose based off the succes... [Read More]

Aaron's Top 15 KC Albums of the Decade

Posted on July 11 2019 by Aaron Rhodes

This list was excruciating to make. Kansas City music rules. Punk rock? Hip-hop? Indie rock? Other s***? I love it all, baby. My initial listen had to be whittled down from around 60 of my favorite local albums from the last decade. Please tweet and ask m... [Read More]

Janelle Monáe Is The 21st Century's Time Traveler

Posted on November 13 2018 by NPR

It's not enough to make list after list. The Turning the Tables project seeks to suggest alternatives to the traditional popular music canon, and to do more than that, too: to stimulate conversation about how hierarchies emerge and endure. This year,... [Read More]

An Interview with Janelle Monae

Posted on October 11 2018 by The Bridge

The Bridge's Jon Hart recently caught up with Janelle Monáe in a recent interview about her newest album, "Dirty Computer," and her first hometown show in five years, at Starlight Theatre during Open Spaces on Saturday, Oct. 13. [Read More]

Breaking Ground with Brass & Boujee

Posted on October 11 2018 by Michelle Bacon

Rap and Jazz meet at KC's Cultural Intersection It’s a somewhat unlikely grouping of musicians — a native Kansas City emcee, singer and producer; a trombonist and nerdcore rapper from Mobile, Alabama; and a touring member of Janelle Monáe’s Wondala... [Read More]

In Case You Haven’t Heard: Spring Into Summer

Posted on May 17 2018 by Michelle Bacon

It’s time for our rundown of new #kcmusic releases in this second quarter of 2018. Here are a few tracks that might find a spot on your summer playlists. Sons of Great Dane – "Falling Asleep" It’s been a little more than five years since we’ve heard... [Read More]

Janelle Monae Strips The Hardware For Humanity

Posted on April 27 2018 by The Bridge

Janelle Monáe is fully basking in her freedom. As a 32-year-old singer with more than a decade in music under her belt, Janelle has made a career out of being an artistic chameleon. But her latest album, Dirty Computer, undoubtedly proves that playing the... [Read More]

Janelle Monae Bends More Than Gender In Two New Videos From 'Dirty Computer'

Posted on February 22 2018 by The Bridge

Janelle Monáe has always been adept at shrouding herself in mystery. It's not that she wasn't keen on expressing the depth of her humanity; she just went the length of creating an android alter-ego named Cyndi Mayweather to do so. Like her against-the-gr... [Read More]

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