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Bacon's Best of the Decade

Posted on August 1 2019 by Michelle Bacon

Just about a decade ago, I dove into the music world as a musician and album reviewer — my first time really being exposed to what was happening in Kansas City’s indie music scenes, and discovering my own creative fascinations. Since then, I’ve been in... [Read More]

Origin Story: The Music Edition

Posted on December 7 2017 by Michelle Bacon

From love’s first blush to an outright lie, from getting set up by their parents to crossing paths across decades, musicians have funny ways of forming bands. Our music bloggers Michelle Bacon and Dan Calderon go back to the beginning for four local bands... [Read More]

The Tom Petty Effect: KC Edition

Posted on October 5 2017 by Michelle Bacon

There’s something euphoric in that jangly D chord that opens up the first 18 bars of “American Girl,” and something liberating about the moments that follow. It calls to mind my ever-evolving concept of what it means to be an American, of what it actually... [Read More]

15 Essential Summer Songs From the Heartland

Posted on July 6 2017 by Michelle Bacon

NPR Music staffers recently compiled a list of 15 songs that embodied their experiences of summer. For our list, we stay close to home and look at 15 essential summer tracks released in 2017, all from artists who hail from the Kansas City and Lawrence, Ka... [Read More]

Traffic, Tacos and Tunes: Take-Aways for SXSW 2017 from KC Perspectives

Posted on March 9 2017 by Michelle Bacon

Above photo by Todd Zimmer: Shangri-La, the site of the MidCoast Takeover showcase   Every March, thousands of musicians, filmmakers, trendsetters and tastemakers make their way to Austin, Texas for South by Southwest. Entering its 31st year, the fest... [Read More]

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