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Sympathetic Vibrations | Let's Dance

Posted on January 10 2019 by Dan Calderon

Local David Bowie tribute supergroup gearing up for fourth annual performance Ask 10 different music lovers about David Bowie’s legacy, and you’re likely to get 10 different answers. But if you’re trying get a better grasp of his enigmatic persona, may... [Read More]

David Bowie's First Demo, From 1963, Found In Bread Basket

Posted on July 23 2018 by NPR

The earliest recording of David Bowie singing has been unearthed after 55 years in... the bread basket of a former bandmate from one of his earliest projects, The Konrads, according to The Guardian. In a press release from Omega Auctions, Konrads drumm... [Read More]

Learning the Language of David Bowie

Posted on January 5 2017 by Michelle Bacon

Annual Tribute Show Commemorates An Unparalleled Voice One of my earliest memories is a white cassette tape I would play over and over again, day after day, until its contents became a part of my vocabulary. I started the Suzuki method of piano at th... [Read More]

On The Enduring Power Of David Bowie's Parting Gift

Posted on December 28 2016 by The Bridge

December is the time of year when music critics go back through all the albums of the past 12 months and rank them. This year, there's one artist who appears on nearly everyone's list, but isn't around to hear the praise. David Bowie's Blackstar, relea... [Read More]

Hear David Bowie's Previously Unreleased Album, 'The Gouster'

Posted on September 27 2016 by Cody Boston

A new David Bowie box set released late last week includes a complete (and remastered) version of his long-lost album, The Gouster. Bowie originally recorded the album in 1974, but eventually shelved the project. Reworked versions of "Somebody Up There Li... [Read More]

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