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Introducing Coop Sessions Season 2

Posted on September 20 2019 by The Bridge

  If you're looking for more footage of the Kansas City and Lawrence music scenes, look no further than the Coop Sessions! The Bridge is a proud sponsor of these unique in-studio sessions. Read more about them at this link and get ready for... [Read More]

Sympathetic Vibrations: Spaces | The Coop

Posted on February 21 2019 by Dan Calderon

Mitchell Hewlett’s converted goat coop is kicking out a whole new funk Mitchell Hewlett and Josh Hartranft needed a new place to live in 2014, and a two-bedroom apartment in Lawrence, Kansas, wouldn’t do for two musicians. So the idea of scoring a s... [Read More]

The Coop Sessions – A Creative Community Co-Op

Posted on January 17 2019 by Michelle Bacon

The idea of recording in unusual spaces isn’t new. The Eurythmics tracked their platinum-selling breakout album, "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)," in a dingy warehouse attic on a shoestring budget. Sigur Rós converted an abandoned swimming pool in Icelan... [Read More]

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