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Bridge Exclusive: Taylor Goldsmith (Dawes) Interview

Posted on August 6 2020 by Jon Hart

In honor of Dawes — our Bridge Artist of the Week — and their new single, "Who Do You Think You're Talking To?", The Bridge's Jon Hart hopped on a phone call with the band's frontman, Taylor Goldsmith. Find out all about the band's upcoming album, "Good L... [Read More]

The Big Sky: ‘Dog Eat Dog World’ Exclusive Video Premiere

Posted on June 28 2018 by Michelle Bacon

Wrapping up a month-long tour through the Southwest and Pacific Northwest, The Big Sky is on its way back home to Lawrence, Kansas, and is releasing a brand new music video. “Dog Eat Dog World” is the lead track from the trio’s first independent full-leng... [Read More]

Weekend Roundup: Freak Out

Posted on June 22 2018 by Michelle Bacon

Based in Nashville — by way of Arkansas — Welles takes a fuzzy, unadorned approach to rock ’n’ roll with a Southern twist. The performer, who released his debut EP, “Codeine,” last year, appears at The Riot Room tonight. He’ll be supported by two regi... [Read More]

Madisen Ward & the Mama Bear's New Video

Posted on June 8 2018 by The Bridge

Check out this powerful new single and music video from Madisen Ward & the Mama Bear – "Everybody's Got Problems." It features a few snippets of the band's life on the road, along with intimate shots of them backstage and at home. [Read More]

Weekend Roundup: Proclaim Your Pride

Posted on June 8 2018 by Michelle Bacon

  June is Pride Month. We celebrated here in Kansas City last weekend, but let’s face it — one weekend just isn’t enough. So, our friends at I Heart Local Music are putting something together for the Lawrence, Kansas crowd, with Pride For the Masse... [Read More]

Carnaval: Raising Latin American and Youth Voices

Posted on June 7 2018 by Michelle Bacon

With support from dozens of national, international, local and youth artists, Making Movies’ Carnaval has gained notoriety for highlighting and elevating Latin American artists in Kansas City. This weekend, the group caps its inaugural Carnaval tour with... [Read More]

Weekend Roundup: Show Your Love

Posted on June 1 2018 by Michelle Bacon

  A hip-hop entertainer, actress, dancer, poet and amateur filmmaker, Ogechi is returning to a hometown stage tonight at the Uptown Arts Bar. The 20-year-old artist, a student at Georgia State University, has earned acclaim for her work — including... [Read More]

Shuttlecock Music Magazine: Elevating the Underground

Posted on May 31 2018 by Michelle Bacon

He only recently turned 21, but there’s a good chance that Aaron Rhodes knows more about #kcmusic than you do. “I started going to concerts when I was 13, asking my mom or dad to take me to see bands like The Offspring, Green Day and Blink 182,” he sai... [Read More]

Weekend Roundup: It's Always the Right Time

Posted on May 25 2018 by Michelle Bacon

  With 65 acts on two stages tonight through Sunday, it’s time for the fifth annual Westport Roots Festival, headquartered at the Westport Saloon. From the vaudevillian stylings of White Ghost Shivers from Austin, Texas, to rousing alt-country act... [Read More]

Mikal Shapiro: 'Everybody’s Baby' Exclusive Video Premiere

Posted on May 24 2018 by Michelle Bacon

Hailed for its seamless shifting of musical styles and sophisticated character arcs, Mikal Shapiro’s 2015 album, “The Musical,” was a standout piece of work. This weekend, the singer-songwriter returns with her follow-up full-length release, “The Musical... [Read More]


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