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Bridge Exclusive: Middle Kids Interview + Out-Of-Studio Session

Posted on April 9 2021 by Jon Hart

The members of Middle Kids call Jon Hart from the future (in Sydney, Australia) to talk about their new album, “Today We're the Greatest." Listen to the interview and watch the band perform a few tunes from the album — “Stacking Chairs,” “R U 4 Me?,” “Cel... [Read More]

Frogpond Is Back! | Heidi Phillips

Posted on April 8 2021 by Bryan Truta

Fans of Frogpond were ecstatic to see that their 1996 debut album, “Count To Ten,” recently became available on digital platforms for the first time. Since that surprise reveal and a few vague social media posts, we've been speculating their next moves. T... [Read More]

Bridge Exclusive: Claud Interview

Posted on April 6 2021 by Skylar Rochelle

The Z Show's Skylar Rochelle chatted with Claud about their new album “Super Monster,” relationship advice and whether Guy Fieri's style is overrated or underrated. [Read More]

Bridge Exclusive: Lava Dreams Interview

Posted on March 29 2021 by Sarah Bradshaw

Kansas City solo artist Lava Dreams joined The Bridge's Sarah Bradshaw via Zoom over the weekend for an exclusive interview!The Bridge has been involved with Lava's music for almost 10 years now, since her time in folk-rock outfit Miry Wild. Since then, h... [Read More]

Bridge Exclusive: Illiterate Light and Devon Gilfillian Interview

Posted on March 24 2021 by Jon Hart

Today, The Bridge's Jon Hart chatted with members of Illiterate Light and Devon Gilfillian! The human version of Jake Cochran joins Jeff Gorman (both of Illiterate Light) and Gilfillian to talk about their song collaboration, “Freedom,” why they include "... [Read More]

Bridge Exclusive: Lake Street Dive Interview + Out-Of-Studio Session

Posted on March 23 2021 by Michelle Bacon

Our Bridge Artist of the Week Lake Street Dive joined us via Zoom for an exclusive interview! Lead vocalist Rachael Price and keyboardist Akie Bermiss join our content manager Michelle Bacon for an exclusive interview about the band's latest album, “Obvio... [Read More]

Bridge Exclusive: Altin Gun Interview

Posted on March 19 2021 by Jon Hart

Daniel Smienk of Altin Gün joins Jon Hart via Zoom to discuss the band's new album, "Yol," the influence of Anatolian rock and how the world is receiving their take on psychedelic Turkish folk. [Read More]

Artist Conversation: Quiet Takes

Posted on March 18 2021 by Bryan Truta

This morning I was pleased to chat with our Bridge Artist of the Week, Quiet Takes — the project of Sarah Magill. In a wide-ranging conversation, we talk about growing up on a farm, quoting poetry and writing her new album, “San Fidel,” on long drives.... [Read More]

Bridge Exclusive: Tash Sultana Interview

Posted on March 12 2021 by Jon Hart

Our Bridge Artist of the Week, Tash Sultana, joined Jon Hart via Zoom for an exclusive interview. The Melbourne, Australia-based artist talks about their family roots, their signature Fender guitar and their new album, “Terra Firma.” [Read More]

Bridge Exclusive: Samm Henshaw Interview

Posted on March 9 2021 by Bryan Truta

Emerging artist Samm Henshaw joined Bryan Truta for an artist conversation via Zoom. Samm grew up in the south of England, the son of a pastor. He's had a lifelong relationship with music, but only recently discovered his voice. Listen below to hear him t... [Read More]


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