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Bridge Exclusive Interview with Satya

Posted on June 19 2021 by Bryan Truta

Singer-songwriter Satya joins Bryan Truta via Zoom to chat about her latest single, “Summertime,” the musical heritage of New Orleans, growing up in an artistic family and the vulnerability of songwriting. [Read More]

Bridge Exclusive Interview with Wolf Alice

Posted on June 17 2021 by Jon Hart

Ellie Rowsell and Theo Ellis of Wolf Alice join Jon Hart via Zoom to chat about the band's new album, “Blue Weekend.” Hear a few tracks from the album, plus details about writing songs, recording during a pandemic, and learning more about the band's ident... [Read More]

Bridge Exclusive Interview with Dawn Richard

Posted on June 10 2021 by Jon Hart

New Orleans-based musician Dawn Richard joins Jon Hart via Zoom to chat about her new album, “Second Line.” Learn more about her rejection of genre boundaries through the “electro revival,” plus the celebration and legacy behind the Second Line tradition,... [Read More]

Bridge Exclusive Interview with Dodie

Posted on June 10 2021 by Sarah Bradshaw

English singer-songwriter Dodie joins Sarah Bradshaw via Zoom to chat about her new album, “Build A Problem.” They also delve into stories from her book, “Secrets for the Mad: Obsessions, Confessions, and Life Lessons,” plus the importance of mental healt... [Read More]

Bridge Exclusive Interview with Yola

Posted on June 4 2021 by Jon Hart

Yola visits with Jon Hart via Zoom to talk about her genre fluidity, autonomy in artistry and her upcoming album, "Stand For Myself." Peep the interview and check out a stripped-down performance of her latest single, “Diamond Studded Shoes.”  [Read More]

Bridge Exclusive: Bartees Strange Interview

Posted on June 1 2021 by Bryan Truta

Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Bartees Strange joins Bryan Truta via Zoom for an exclusive Bridge interview! The Washington, D.C. breakout artist chats about his latest album, “Live Forever,” plus his musical upbringing, growing up as a Bl... [Read More]

Bridge Exclusive: Hiss Golden Messenger Interview

Posted on May 14 2021 by Jon Hart

Did you miss Jon Hart's interview with MC Taylor of Hiss Golden Messenger on Friday? Find out about his upcoming album, "Quietly Blowing It," coming out June 25.   [Read More]

Bridge Exclusive: The Hold Steady Interview

Posted on May 7 2021 by Jon Hart

Craig Finn and Franz Nicolay of The Hold Steady join Jon Hart to talk about their eighth and latest studio album, “Open Door Policy." Listen below! Play00:00…VolumePlay00:00…Volume [Read More]

Bridge Exclusive: Peter CottonTale Interview

Posted on May 4 2021 by Sarah Bradshaw

Music producer and composer Peter CottonTale talks with Sarah Bradshaw about his new album “Catch,” the purpose behind his studio, and how joy finds its way into his work. Listen and watch below!Play00:00…VolumePlay00:00…Volume [Read More]

Bridge Exclusive: Manchester Orchestra Interview

Posted on April 30 2021 by Jon Hart

Andy Hull and Robert McDowell of Manchester Orchestra (our Bridge Artist of the Week!) join Jon Hart via Zoom to talk about their new album released TODAY - “The Million Masks of God.” Watch and listen below!   [Read More]


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