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Episode 111 – '90s Week on 90.9

Posted on June 7 2020 by Michael Atchison

It’s '90s Week on 90.9 The Bridge, and Revival features some of the best the decade had to offer, from hip hop and trip hop to Brit pop, plus returns to form from legendary singer-songwriters of an earlier age. There’s also plenty of alt rock and alt... [Read More]

Episode 110 – '90s Week on 90.9

Posted on June 5 2020 by Skylar Rochelle

The Z Show is getting into the '90s Week spirit! Skylar spins some of her favorite tracks from the decade, including Erykah Badu, Daniel Johnston, Cocteau Twins and more. Listen to Hour 1: Listen to Hour 2: [Read More]

'90s Week on 90.9: Eric Melin | Ultimate Fakebook 06/05/2020

Posted on June 5 2020 by Bryan Truta

In the 1990s, "Mean" Eric Melin played in a few bands that local music fans will recognize. Beginning with Manhattan's Truck Stop Love in the early part of the decade, Melin would later play in Kill Creek (for one week) and fell in with Ultimate Fakeb... [Read More]

'90s Week on 90.9: Staff and Contributor Favorites

Posted on June 4 2020 by The Bridge

It's '90s Week here on 90.9 The Bridge, and we hope you've been relishing this trip down memory lane as much as we have! Our staff and contributors wanted to share some of their top albums, tracks and musical moments of the era. Tune in on Sat... [Read More]

‘90s Week on 90.9: A Q&A With Heidi Phillips and Matt Pryor

Posted on June 4 2020 by Timothy Finn

In the early 1990s, Kansas City's music world was as dynamic as ever. Bands like Season to Risk, Sin City Disciples, Molly McGuire, Giants Chair, Shiner, and, from Lawrence, Kansas, Kill Creek, Stick and Paw helped define the somewhat mythical Kansas... [Read More]

'90s Week on 90.9

Posted on June 2 2020 by The Bridge

On this week's episode of the Eight One Sixty, we celebrate KC music from the '90s. This show was a lot of fun to put together — digging through hard drives, looking up old articles and blog posts, and scouring through YouTube and Discogs. Things... [Read More]

'90s Week On 90.9: A Conversation with Steve Tulipana

Posted on June 2 2020 by Michelle Bacon

LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW Steve Tulipana of Season To Risk. | photo: John McGrath, courtesy of "Burnin' Down the House" To kick off '90s Week on 90.9, Steve Tulipana joined Mornings With Bryan Truta by phone on Monday, June 1. In a... [Read More]

'90s Week on 90.9: Steve Tulipana 06/1/2020

Posted on June 1 2020 by Bryan Truta

To kick off '90s Week on 90.9, Steve Tulipana joined me to chat about his experiences in the '90s as a member of Season To Risk. Listen to the audio below and read more at this link! [Read More]

'90s Week on 90.9!

Posted on May 22 2020 by The Bridge

Starting this Monday, June 1, we're celebrating '90s Week on 90.9 The Bridge! We'll be revisiting the music, radio and bands of Kansas City in the '90s — including some of the big hits, lists from our staff and contributors, plus interview... [Read More]

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