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Bridge Exclusive: Lily B Moonflower – 'Midnight Song' Video Premiere

Posted on January 8 2021 by Michelle Bacon

The first Bridge video premiere of 2021 is a “quintessential Midwestern celebration of love, celebration and music,” from singer-songwriter Lily B Moonflower. “Midnight Song” feels just like going home again.As she reminisces about “late nights dancing ba... [Read More]

Bridge Exclusive: The Republic Tigers – 'Risky Business' Song Premiere

Posted on November 13 2020 by Michelle Bacon

Fans of The Republic Tigers waited over a decade to hear the follow-up to their 2008 debut, “Keep Color.” Originally intended for a 2012 major label release, the “Mind Over Matter” LP was finally unveiled earlier this year, with help from Kansas City labe... [Read More]

Bridge Exclusive: Scabb – 'Nada' EP Premiere

Posted on November 5 2020 by Michelle Bacon

Today’s Bridge premiere arrives courtesy of Manor Records, a DIY record label centered on some of the newest, hippest acts across KC’s indie music spectrum. Earlier this spring, the label signed 16 acts — a panorama of bedroom pop singer-songwriters, drea... [Read More]

Bridge Exclusive: Fritz Hutchison – 'Cold Comfort' Video Premiere

Posted on October 29 2020 by Michelle Bacon

Earlier this year, Fritz Hutchison released his solo debut effort, “Wide Wild Acres,” after years as a multi-instrumental sideman across Kansas City’s folk, indie rock and jazz scenes. In a feature with The Bridge in early 2020, he talked about the vulner... [Read More]

Bridge Exclusive: R.I.Peter – 'Cruis'n / Rising Sun' Video Premiere

Posted on October 23 2020 by Michelle Bacon

We’re kicking off the weekend with a blissed-out music video experience from R.I.Peter, the solo project of Kansas City musician Peter Beatty. It binds the themes of “Cruis’n” and “Rising Sun,” the two singles he released on cassette tape in April, via Ma... [Read More]

Bridge Exclusive: Monta At Odds – 'When Stars Grow Old' Song Premiere

Posted on October 22 2020 by Michelle Bacon

Today’s Bridge premiere comes from a group with two decades in Kansas City’s experimental music scene. Since forming Monta At Odds in the year 2000, brothers and musical auteurs Dedric and Delaney Moore have steered an ever-evolving ship. They’ve navig... [Read More]

Bridge Exclusive: Daniel Gum – 'In the Worst Ways' Song Premiere

Posted on September 28 2020 by Michelle Bacon

As indie-folk singer-songwriter Daniel Gum readies his debut album, “Thirteen,” we’re unveiling its second single today — a quintessential song for the start of a pensive autumn. “In the Worst Ways” begins with Gum recounting an adolescent memory, sing... [Read More]

Bridge Exclusive: The Freedom Affair – 'Freedom Is Love' Album Premiere

Posted on September 22 2020 by Michelle Bacon

Today’s Bridge premiere is a joyful, exuberant treat for your ears — the debut full-length album from Kansas City soul luminaries The Freedom Affair! “Freedom Is Love” draws upon some of the most compelling foundations of American music, from rousing g... [Read More]

Bridge Exclusive: Khrystal. – 'Magic' Premiere

Posted on August 7 2020 by Michelle Bacon

Today’s Bridge Premiere comes from singer, songwriter, rapper, writer and actor Khrystal Coppage, known to KC music fans simply as Khrystal. Her new single, “Magic,” jumps in with both feet, ready to embrace and laud the cultural contributions of Black... [Read More]

The Noise FM 'Who's Watching Who?' Premiere

Posted on July 24 2020 by Michelle Bacon

Today’s Bridge premiere is a dystopian dance bop for the times, courtesy of a band we’re delighted to hear from again. “Who’s Watching Who?” is the latest of two singles getting an early push from The Noise FM today, via The Record Machine. It’s also t... [Read More]


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