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An Exclusive Interview with The War and Treaty

Posted on July 30 2020 by The Bridge

“Hearts Town — where we’re leading in the truth of our love for one another.” That’s a quote from Michael Trotter Jr., talking about his band’s upcoming album. It's also the duo’s personal mantra. Bryan Truta had a phenomenal conversation with Micha... [Read More]

'90s Week On 90.9: A Conversation with Steve Tulipana

Posted on June 2 2020 by Michelle Bacon

LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW Steve Tulipana of Season To Risk. | photo: John McGrath, courtesy of "Burnin' Down the House" To kick off '90s Week on 90.9, Steve Tulipana joined Mornings With Bryan Truta by phone on Monday, June 1. In addition... [Read More]

A Conversation with Paul Malinowski of Shiner

Posted on May 8 2020 by The Bridge

Today, we're focusing on brand new music from a revered Kansas City band. Shiner is dropping "Schadenfreude," its first album of new music since 2001! On Mornings with Bryan Truta, Shiner's bassist and producer Paul Malinowski joined Truta to chat about t... [Read More]

A Conversation with Rufus Wainwright

Posted on April 30 2020 by The Bridge

Singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright joined Bryan Truta on the air this morning from his Laurel Canyon home, in his bathrobe. It was a wide-ranging conversation about everything from his upcoming album "Unfollow the Rules" — delayed by the pandemic and now... [Read More]

A Conversation with Matt Quinn of Mt. Joy

Posted on April 14 2020 by The Bridge

Mt. Joy's frontman Matt Quinn joined Truta by phone this morning to talk about the band's history, its new album "Rearrange Us," and the band name they tossed aside. Listen below! [Read More]

Interview: Matt Quinn | Mt. Joy

Posted on April 14 2020 by Bryan Truta

Matt Quinn is a law school dropout who teamed up with a childhood friend who happened to move to the same city, where they wrote a few catchy tunes and ended up on "Conan." If that sentence seems loaded with hyperbole and appears a bit truncated, I'll... [Read More]

A Conversation With Laura Marling

Posted on April 10 2020 by The Bridge

On Mornings With Bryan Truta, singer-songwriter Laura Marling joined Truta from their respective homes. Marling lives in North London, and is releasing her new album, "Song For Our Daughter," today. Listen to her talk about the album, gender equality and... [Read More]

Interview: Laura Marling | 'Songs For Our Daughter'

Posted on April 10 2020 by Bryan Truta

Singer-songwriter Laura Marling joined me over the internet from our respective homes this morning. Laura is in North London, where she just moved up the release of her new album, "Songs For Our Daughter," which is available right now wherever you find mu... [Read More]

A Conversation with M. Ward

Posted on April 8 2020 by The Bridge

On Mornings With Bryan Truta, Truta was joined by singer-songwriter M. Ward, who released his new album, "Migration Stories" on April 3. M. Ward joined from his home studio in Glendale, California, to talk about the new album and a virtual listening party... [Read More]

An Exclusive Interview with Ed O'Brien

Posted on April 3 2020 by The Bridge

"You find your purpose on this planet and you lock in on that, and that becomes the most important thing. I was really blessed that, for whatever reason, music was my purpose." A founding member of Radiohead, Ed O'Brien is an acclaimed guitarist who is... [Read More]


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