Connect your business or organization with The Bridge's diverse listening audience by creating an underwriting package that fits your company's unique needs.

90.9 The Bridge is affiliated with the music side of National Public Radio and provides you with an affluent, influential and curious audience. These listeners are seeking new music, the latest trends and new life experiences. These are fiercely loyal and the kind of customer you want.

When you underwrite with The Bridge, you become an active partner. Your representative will help develop a comprehensive marketing plan that incorporates a mix of online, social media, live mentions and recorded broadcast messages. In each element, your message is delivered — and heard.

Contact an underwriting representative today:

Clint Bradt, 816-550-5062
Bob Garrett, 816-536-1698
Gina Smith, 816-398-4236
Andy Stanley, 913-940-0001

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