The Z Show Episode 160 – Bridge Block Party

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Episode 160 – Bridge Block Party

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It's a Bridge Block Party weekend on The Z Show with three-song sets handpicked by Skylar Rochelle! Listen for tunes from Jass, Silicone Prairie, Skullcrusher and more.

Song list

way Jass
Easy To Love Sam Evian
Next to You Sam Evian ft. Kazu Makino
Dark Love Sam Evian
Fear of God Sports Boyfriend
Seek No Answer Sports Boyfriend
Bluebell Sports Boyfriend
Kiss Me In Heaven The Convenience
Tamarin The Convenience
On My Way The Convenience
Antidote Spencer., Orion Sun
Automatic Orion Sun
Mango (Freestyle / Process) Orion Sun, Mulch
Pandora (for Cindy) Cocteau Twins
Fifty-fifty Clown Cocteau Twins
Eyes Are Mosaics Cocteau Twins, Harold Budd
Pd2tb Silicone Prairie
Song for the Eagles to Sing Silicone Prairie
Dance to the Beat Silicone Prairie
Winshield Skullcrusher
If I Were Neil Armstrong I Would Planted a Flower on the Moon In Window Seat