Revival Episode 111 – '90s Week on 90.9

Show #111
Episode 111 – '90s Week on 90.9

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It’s '90s Week on 90.9 The Bridge, and Revival features some of the best the decade had to offer, from hip hop and trip hop to Brit pop, plus returns to form from legendary singer-songwriters of an earlier age. There’s also plenty of alt rock and alt country, plus the quiet of twee pop and the thunder of grunge. All that, plus Radiohead, Liz Phair, Jeff Buckley and much more.

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Song list

The Death Of Ferdinand De Saussure The Magnetic Fields
Take Me Down (Too Halloo) The Loud Family
Trying To Get To Heaven Bob Dylan
Days That Used To Be Neil Young & Crazy Horse
6'1" Liz Phair
Black Boys On Mopeds Sinead O'Connor
Judy And The Dream Of Horses Belle And Sebastian
Johnny Mathis Feet American Music Club
Safe From Harm Massive Attack
Flipside Everything But The Girl