02/01/2019: Give Back Friday, SevenDays Competition

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02/01/2019: Give Back Friday, SevenDays Competition

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Happy Red Friday!

OK, our Chiefs aren't playing on the right Sunday this year, but there's still an important reason to wear red today: National Go Red Day opens up Heart Month!

You all may know that I've some recent hospital visits and stays. This has been due to my A-Fib that was discovered back in September. I'm getting all patched up now thanks to a wonderful team of doctors. My father also has A-Fib, so Heart Month is very important to me and my family. 


This morning I talked with Mindy Corporon from the Faith Always Wins Foundation about the SevenDays initiative to promote kindness, compassion and love. SevenDays is running competitions for teens in the essay and songwriting categories. LISTEN to Mindy explain:

Get more information at: GiveSevenDays.org