Jessica Paige and Casey Bond

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About this episode

Jessica Paige is a singer-songwriter who has had plenty of time to work on her soul. A three-time veteran of American Idol, she spent the years when most of her peers were in college caring for her grandmother. Her musical career has been a series of emotional moments, in part because of what happened on a fateful day of Lake Lotawana wakeboarding. Her song, “Beautiful Life,” delves into the idea that you can be surrounded by joy even when you’re at a crossroads. And that’s why we asked Casey Bond of Blvd Tavern, which is literally in KC’s Crossroads, to make us a drink based on Paige’s summer vibes. And just like Field of Dreams, she found some unlikely inspiration in the cornfields for the cocktail "Bella Vida".

In this episode

Jessica Paige | Beautiful Life

Kansas City artist Jessica Paige performs 'Beautiful Life' in The Bridge's Radio Studio A during an Eight One Sixty broadcast.

Recipe | Casey Bond's Bella Vida

Mixologist Casey Bond prepares "Bella Vida" at Blvd Tavern.

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