Ivøry Black and Zac Snyder

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About this episode

Ivøry Black ran away from home at the age of 15 years old. Thus began the journey of a musician who continues to think about the nuances of identity and place through lyrics. The anthem 'Ready Get Set' is about that moment when the radio is about to get turned up and your feet can’t help but dance. We presented that song to mixologist Zac Snyder at The Westside Local and asked him to make us a cocktail. The former cruise ship musician then dialed up a bit of spirits alchemy with a touch of Greek mythology.

In this episode

Ivøry Black | Ready Get Set

Ivøry Black performs an acoustic version of "Ready Get Set" in The Bridge studio.

Recipe | Zac Snyder’s Pegasus

Mixologist Zac Snyder of The Westside Local creates the "Pegasus."