Eight One Sixty Episode #183: Turning the Tables with Michelle Bacon

Show #183
Turning the Tables with Michelle Bacon

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Airdate 07.03.2018

Show's summary

On this show we kick off a special 4-part/week series created by Michelle Bacon called “Turning The Tables KC.” Michelle Bacon will be joining us as co-host throughout the month of July!  Based on NPR’s "Turning the Tables" series, we will highlight the contributions of Kansas City women in music and capture their experiences working in a traditionally male-dominated industry. Hear music from a lot of powerful KC women musicians all month. This week we play music from new and old projects, alike: Hi-Lux, Other Americans, Heidi Lynne Gluck, Jessica Paige and Schwervon!. Then, we jump into the vault and hear from old acts like The Gaslights, Tiny Horse (one small horse), Molly Picture Club, The Latenight Callers and The Good Foot. 

Song list

Bad Way The Good Foot
Silver Ring The Gaslights
Ride Tiny Horse
The Only Girl In The Room Heidi Lynne Gluck
On The Floor Jessica Paige