Eight One Sixty Episode #341: Sound Minds, Part 3: Dr. Katie Jacobs

Show #341
Sound Minds, Part 3: Dr. Katie Jacobs

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Airdate 07.20.2021

Show's summary

Our July series, Sound Minds, continues this week on the Eight One Sixty. This week we welcome in special guest Dr. Katie Jacobs via Zoom. Also joining us, Michelle Bacon guiding the conversation, and Sarah Bradshaw producing the show.

Sound Minds is a four-part series of shows all about musicians and mental health. In March 2021, Michelle Bacon conducted a survey and over 160 musicians participated. The conversation will be about the survey findings as well as gaining perspective from our guest, Dr. Katie Jacobs.

In addition to being a PhD and teaching at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, she is also the front person for the rock band Interstate Run - so we’ll get extra insight, as a musician and a doctor. Doc also picked out some songs to share this week on the show, including music from her band, Interstate Run, as well as Sia, Young the Giant, and The All-American Rejects.

We’ll also hear from two KC area musicians that shared their music with us, as well as the story behind the song, in connection to mental health: Kirsten Paludan, who is playing on Thursday at Replay Lounge, and Quiet Takes who is playing at Velo Garage and Tap House in North KC on Saturday, August 14.

Additionally, Dr. Jacobs listed a number of resources during the show which can be found below:

National Suicide Lifeline

MOCSA Sexual Assault 24/7 Crisis Line
Missouri 816-531-0233   
Kansas 913-642-0233

Missouri Crisis Line
888-761-4357 or text HAND to 839863