Eight One Sixty Episode #297: recordBar's 15th Anniversary

Show #297
recordBar's 15th Anniversary

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Airdate 09.15.2020

Show's summary

This week's episode of the Eight One Sixty is all about recordBar and its 15th anniversary!

To sum up the importance of recordBar to the KC music scene on a local and national level would be impossible. What co-owners Steve Tulipana and Shawn Sherrill created 15 years ago has left a lasting impression on this city as well as touring bands all around the globe.

Like so many things right now, the venue is going through difficult times and they've created a Kickstarter campaign with amazing ways to celebrate the venue. They've got face masks, 15th anniversary tees, 15th anniversary posters and more! Even the autographed records that once lined the walls are up for grabs. Their special edition tees and posters have hundreds of band names on them that have played at the venue — perhaps your favorite band is on there!

Chris will play music from some of his favorite concerts at the venue — including one national act that really got everything started for the venue, a band that Jacki Becker booked there way back on Oct. 30, 2005. Also, he'll play music from a couple shows he regrets missing. Did you know that in the same week, Billie Eilish (April 14, 2018) and Phoebe Bridgers (April 19, 2018) both played recordBar?

You'll also hear from Roman NumeralsSt. VincentPhoenixThe RaveonettesKishi BashiThe Low AnthemThe BreedersWilliam Elliott Whitmore and more.