Eight One Sixty Episode #91: Pledge

Show #91

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Airdate 09.27.2016

Show's summary

It’s a special edition this week and we’re on from 5-7pm for PLEDGE! To kick off the show we’ll hear two brand new songs from Gracie Schram’s new EP out this Friday, “Dear Fall.” Also brand new music from Eddie Moore And The Outer Circle, Brave The Spirit and The Tambourine Club. We’ll also hear from these KC bands with upcoming gigs: The Grisly Hand, The Invisible World, Nate Allen & The Pac-Away Dots, Modern Friend, Red Velvet Crush, Via Luna, Victor & Penny.
This Friday and Saturday is Outer Reaches 2016 Fest at the brand new recordBar.  It features over a dozen bands on two days across two stages and the event organizers, Dedric and Brenton will stop by as we learn about their new creation, formerly know as KC PsychFest. We'll also hear from four of the bands playing the fest: Psychic Heat, L.A. Witch, The Tambourine Club and Youngest Children. We’ll also hear from some touring bands with upcoming concerts: Purity Ring and HEALTH on October 26 at Uptown Theater, the Mountain Goats on October 1 at The Madrid Theatre and Ingrid Michaelson on October 16 at Uptown.