Eight One Sixty Episode #80: Savanna & Nick of 'Playlistplay'

Show #80
Savanna & Nick of 'Playlistplay'

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Airdate 07.12.2016

Show's summary

July is BLOGGER month on the show and today we’ll have in the dynamic duo behind Playlistplay, Nick and Savanna Howland to talk about their blog and the story behind it. They’ve also brought music from: Storm Circus,Whale Bones, Darkbird, Talkie and The Woodsman's Babe. We’ll also hear brand new music from Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type (who is playing TONIGHT with ON AN ON at The Tank Room). We’ll kick off the show with Hembree (catch them at Chipotle Cultivate Festival) and a hard-hitting track from BLKFLANL (Barrel Maker & ConductorWilliams).