Eight One Sixty Episode #178: New Releases

Show #178
New Releases

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Airdate 05.29.2018

Show's summary

We’re doing an entire show on new releases from KC musicians! They’ve got new albums, new EPs and new singles out. Lots of them are playing gigs soon, some at Boulevardia (June 15 & 16), some at Middle of the Map Fest (June 29 & 30), they’re playing at Kansas City Royals games, they’re playing album release shows and more cool things. It should be a fun show as we play music from: Second Hand KingAlicia SoloAmy Farrand and The LikeEddie Moore And The Outer Circle featuring Duncan BurnettKadesh FlowMikal Shapiro MusicJake Wells MusicSons Of Great DaneMess and Jessica Paige. Also for the show, KC music extraordinaire, Michelle Bacon will be joining us! She recently wrote a piece for The Bridge all about new releases, have a look at it here: https://bridge909.org/news/icyhh-spring-2018/.