Eight One Sixty Episode #323: New Music Tuesday March 23

Show #323
New Music Tuesday March 23

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Airdate 03.23.2021

Show's summary

It's another new music show on the Eight One Sixty! Our inboxes are full of new music and we’re excited to share new releases, recent releases, and new old releases with you. Yes, new old releases — it’s a thing! Tune in for music from Frogpond, Knife Crime, The Roseline, Lesser Pleasures, Vitreous Humor, Cuee, Rob Rice (featuring Miki P and Mark Lowrey), Lava Dreams, Elexa Dawson, Jillian Riscoe and Dandelions.

Some of this music came out in the '90s but is just now making its way to digital platforms and vinyl, and some of this music isn’t even released yet!