Eight One Sixty Episode #316: New Music and Chiefs Anthems

Show #316
New Music and Chiefs Anthems

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Airdate 02.02.2021

Show's summary

This week's episode of the Eight One Sixty is all about new music! But first, we'll celebrate the Kansas City Chiefs and their effort to RUN IT BACK. We'll kick off the show with Chiefs anthems from Yes You Are (Kianna White) and a brand new one from Blane Howard.

Then we'll dive into several new songs from Other AmericansMaking MoviesRedder MoonLily B Moonflower BandBlue False IndigoCharlotte BumgarnerEverett The Grey, and we'll hear a lively one from a massive collaboration of artists called the Marcus Lewis Virtual Big Band — featuring Kadesh FlowRyan HeinleinEddie MooreClint AshlockJeff Harshbarger, Rich Wheeler, Brett Jackson and many, many more.