Eight One Sixty Episode #248: Middle of the Map 2019 / Apocalypse Meow 12

Show #248
Middle of the Map 2019 / Apocalypse Meow 12

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Airdate 10.01.2019

Show's summary

Tune into the Eight One Sixty as we celebrate the ninth annual Middle of the Map Fest happening in KC on Friday and Saturday, Oct. 4 and 5. We’ll talk about the bands playing the fest, the venues, how to get tix and so much more.

We’ll hear from several acts playing the fest as well: ClairoSnail MailbeabadoobeeGolden GrovesThe Arsonists LFKMichiganderClaire Adams and Use Your Atlas. For a full lineup of bands and a schedule of the fest go to motmkc.com. 

Also, at the beginning of the show we’ll have a special announcement of the lineup for Apocalypse Meow 12. The event takes place on Nov. 1 and 2. Apocalypse Meow was established in 2008 to raise medical funds for local musician Abigail Henderson, who had been diagnosed with cancer. Compelled to give back to the community, she co-founded Midwest Music Foundation to connect musicians to health care resources. Though she passed away in 2013, Abigail’s mission continues — MMF provides financial resources, educational programs, health clinics and events throughout the year. Abby’s Fund dispenses emergency health care grants to KC-area musicians, contributing more than $190,000 since its inception.