Eight One Sixty Episode #265: Love Songs

Show #265
Love Songs

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Airdate 02.04.2020

Show's summary

On this week's episode of the Eight One Sixty, we’re throwing a lovefest! We’re getting an early start on Valentine’s Day and digging back in our KC music catalog to do so. We’ll play a variety of love songs — some happy ones, sad ones, feel good ones and angry ones too.

For this week’s show, we’ve got music that’s between seven and 20+ years old! In addition to playing the songs, we’ve reached out to the musicians for a little back story on these love songs.

We’ll hear music from Cowboy Indian Bear, Frogpond, Kristen May of Vedera, The New Amsterdams, The Appleseed Cast, Elevator Division, It’s Over, capybara, The Gaslights and The Get Up Kids. It should be a fun and entertaining show, and maybe you’ll learn something about one of your old favorite bands or favorite songs.


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