Eight One Sixty Episode #2: Eight One Sixty 2021-03-30 - Public Television 19

Show #2
Eight One Sixty 2021-03-30 - Public Television 19

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Airdate 03.30.2021

Show's summary

We're celebrating Spring Funding Drive week on The Bridge with longtime friend and collaborator John Kreicbergs of Propaganda3. John K. has been a volunteer during Pledge Week on the show for years, and he's also been part of teams that have brought you events like Boulevardia, Middle of the Map, Thundergong and more.

We handed over the show to him and let him call all of the shots. He'll flex his Masters in music and music nerdness on our show and share music and stories from: The Rainmakers, The Young Johnny Carson Story, The Bottle-Rockets, The Urge, Bill McKemy, Krystle Warren, Making Movies, Ted Lasso with Summer Breeze: a tribute to Yacht Rock, and Dream with PmBata.


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