Eight One Sixty Episode #289: Concerts That Changed Your Life | Isaac Flynn

Show #289
Concerts That Changed Your Life | Isaac Flynn

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Airdate 07.21.2020

Show's summary

Every July on the Eight One Sixty, we do a deep dive into a month-long series of shows, and we're doing it again this year. Chris has been sitting down with four different musicians (via Zoom) who have been telling us about the concerts that changed their lives!

This week Chris sits down with Isaac Flynn of the band Hembree. This is the third week in a series of shows where people are sharing with us five concerts that changed their life and telling us the stories behind those shows.

Isaac has picked some good ones! Tune in for music from WilcoArcade FireVampire WeekendCowboy Indian Bear and perhaps the highlight of the show — music from his parents John and Jami Flynn. He’ll tell us about their concert at Worlds of Fun back in 1996.

If you missed the previous two shows, we had a great time with Amy Farrand of Amy Farrand and The Like and Marty Hilliard of EBONY TUSKS, as they shared with us the concerts that changed their lives. Next week we’ll welcome Addie Sartino of The Greeting Committee to the series.