Eight One Sixty Episode #290: Concerts That Changed Your Life | Addie Sartino

Show #290
Concerts That Changed Your Life | Addie Sartino

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Airdate 07.28.2020

Show's summary

Every July on the Eight One Sixty, we do a deep dive into a month-long series of shows, and we're doing it again this year. Chris has been sitting down with four different musicians (via Zoom) who have been telling us about the concerts that changed their lives!

This week, Chris sits down with Addie Sartino of The Greeting Committee. Addie will tell us stories about and play music from The KillersDeath Cab for CutieIngrid MichaelsonThe National and Vampire Weekend. We’ll also hear music from The Greeting Committee - they were the last big show I saw before COVID hit — a sold-out night in January at The Uptown Theater. We’ll talk about that night and how powerful of a show it was.

Also, make sure this virtual event/fundraiser is on your radar Saturday, Aug. 28 — Greenline Grows KC: A Benefit for The Greenline Initiative. The Greeting Committee is on the lineup along with RadkeyKhrystal.Cuee, Enrique Chi of Making MoviesDanny Cox & Bob Walkenhorst and more. 

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